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Kaleido Patterns :)) I

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Thanks for dropping by and leaving nice comments, Leet. :)))))


Hi Ardy, today it's a bit difficult to send you some heat, we are also having temperatures below zero around your 28 degrees Fahrenheit, so there is no way of sending you some warmth. There usually is little snow in the centre of Spain but temperature can be quite cold as well. Here the saying goes that in Castilla, the central region of Spain we have got nine months of winter and three months of summer and little in between. One day you wear an anorak the other a t-shirt. :))
Don't let your Fluffy play with your mouse. LOL
Thanks for your visit and see you tomorrow.


For you it is good morning now, and here it is late at night as usual. I'm happy that the Kaleido Master found something here he liked :))))), my kaleido have little to do with your or Jan's mastery, but like you I sometimes get caught up in making loads and loads of colourful images. :))
My Wednesday passed far too quickly, when you work concentrated for hours, the hours just fly by, on the one hand this is good but on the other the days just seem to disappear without finding time to acknowledge that you are alive and without being able to do the more pleasant things that make time pass a bit more slowly. :)) But as you say my Friday is drawing nearer and yours is just around the bend. Have a wonderful Thursday. :))

Thanks for all the interesting patterns,


Delightful collection, Dagmar. Since I sent you some snowflakes yesterday could you send a little heat today? We call Wednesday "hump" day. After this we are closer to the weekend. You are almost over hump day and I'm just starting it and Kirsten is sleeping it's final hours away. I've got a cat fussing at the door. I try not to let her in where the computer is. There's too much for her to get into and she does!! I opened the door to let her out this morning and before I could shut it again she was back in the house. Thanks for a fun puzzle.


What a sweetie, Dagmar!! I specially love the kaleido in the top right corner. Thanks so much. And I hope your Wednesday passes quickly. Then you'll be closer to next week-end then you are from last week-end. And that's a much better place to be. :)))