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Just finished - in spite of that Trouble and Frog!!!!

20 pieces
78 solves
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That is beautiful and everything T&F said and bookish said and roadster said, I like it thanks so much

Oh, just beautiful! And to think that you quilted - I mean iced it yourself!! WOW!!!


All that T&F said, plus lots of patience.


Gorgeous!!! Must have taken quite a bit of time with all those delicious details. :-)


LOL . . . I'll get you for that . . . :D)

Don't worry about the quality of the pic it's the quality of the cake that counts and as far as I can see you have no worries on that score. It is absolutely and positively fantastically gorgeous. After solving it I could see all the detail and there is so much detail. I love the way you have used the blue and pink 'blankets' with all those cuddly little animals . . . thanking you for posting . . . you have a great talent there . . . :D)


Sorry the pic is poor. my camera is pants! will get some better photos! : )