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THEME - Clocks - Timepiece Broches from Rocks to Riches

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Askidmore1, I see you at the top of my list all the time you are so fast! It is a pleasure to talk to you and so glad it brought back a warm and happy memory. Our grandmothers are such an important part of who we become!


As always, lovely puzzle! I think the frog is my favorite.
I remember, my grandmother had a watch brooch and I would spend hours admiring it as a kid.
Thank you for the fun, Gradma Pegs


What a lot of imagination the artists have had!! Thanks Grandma!!


Belle, you are so welcome. I'm glad there were so many elements for you to enjoy. This was a fun theme for me!!


What a fabulous collection, Peg! I adore the whole thing! My favorite would have to be the frog, just because it is so unusual!! Love it! Then the clock framed in red. How lovely is that!! Great puzzle. Thanks!


Hi, Jenny. I really got a kick out of the bee, too. They are all rather elegant, and then there is that cute little bee!
Mariasha, your mother's brooch must be lovely. I love family items that bring back a world of memories. I really liked the bee and the frog, too!

First...I loved these...thank you! Secondly, I have my Mother's broach...and it looks very close to the bottom left one, except round, not oval face on the timepiece. Thirdly...I love the bee and the frog! Thanks again!.


I think I like the bee the best.....They are all pretty cool though. Thanks again Grandmapegs