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Construction Chaos Not-A-Fly

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How wonderfully male of you, knocking them down that way! LOL! I would probably have smashed them with my doll instead.... :-)))

Thanks so much, Robbie and PJ--I'm glad this brought back fun memories!


Oh, Pat - this was so fun. Great design - logical and illogical at the same time. I grew up with lego, so bulding and rebuidling was a constant childhood joy. I never actually seen Lincoln logs.


Maybe I can change that rating for you PD!! I loved Lincoln Logs, my brother and I spent hours making forts, adding soldiers then knocking them down with sling shots and marbles!! Great fun.
Another person in BIG TROUBLE?! Lela??!! Of all people............AHHA!!!! Very nice puzzle PD, thanks.


I had Lincoln Logs, too--well, my friend's brothers did, anyway... I liked building things, and I know I would have loved Legos....... Ah, well.....

Yes, it's so nice to have made a puzzle with a 100% safety rating for a change! LOL!

Thanks, Ardy and Katie!


I'm so glad you specified that this isn't flying chaos. Looks like building blocks to me. I like it too and am so glad Lela didn't get hurt...I'd been imagining horrible head injuries, but seems the JOY of it all was enough of a distraction.


My generation had Lincoln logs. But they weren't colorful like this. Great puzzle, Pat. I love it.


Thanks, whatnauts--maybe it's more like Lego blocks... My girl's version of an Erector Set, which I have complained about at length on jigidi before, due to its flimsy plastic straws as connectors, was this colorful, though, unlike the boy's version, with steel and wood... :-)))


This is very cool. Reminds me of the erector sets my cousins had when we were kids. Of course, this is much more colourful!!


Oh, my, there may be a new person here who gets into BIG TROUBLE! LOL!

Thanks, Lela!


Pat, I just LOVE, LOVE this one!.........It is my all-time favorite!.................
EEEEEEK!.......I've turned into Wendy!..........
Well, I have to admit, I do like this one..........(there, I've said it).......