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Growly Seeks the Limelight on the Hollywood Squares Game Show Only to Find Out That......

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Hester, I was FINALLY able to pull this puzzle up to post on it. Every single time I tried to load this wouldn't. I didn't bother posting any puzzles on Sunday because half the time, I couldn't maneuver around Jigidi without having to wait a few minutes for pages to load.

I'm relieved about Growly's second puzzle. I agree with you...between us is best.

Hey, you 'discovered' my work early on, but you probably weren't even aware that you were doing my puzzles at the time. Recently I started adding, and then updating the top ten lists on my puzzles. You aren't just on recent top ten lists of're on lots of old ones too.

I saw two more recent puzzles of yours that I'd love to see up close and personal, but I'm going to give you a break.*

*For now. ;-)


Wendy, once again I am touched and delighted that you have taken the time to make a special puzzle for G. It made me grin from ear to ear! I do understand your reservations, however as A), 85% of jigideers wouldn't have a clue who the British celebs are, and B), the quality of the photographic images has deteriorated in the reduction. Perhaps we'll keep it "entre nous"?

I understand too, how you choose to spend your time creating. And very grateful I am, now that i have discovered your wonderful work. It is impossible to be everywhere on jigidi and still have a "real" life. I very rarely go on Trouble's site as, in the words of Shakespeare, that way madness lies! Equally, I would love to delve into the crazy world of Lela Bugosi but I would have no time to solve my favourites, chat at length with some friends, and occasionally post puzzles myself! :-( So while I still have a husband, dog and bear to entertain I must restrain myself!!
On that note, I'm not posting any French puzzles today so if you want any shrunk....I now have the technology! Wink,wink!


Hester, I made a correct version of Growly's special guest appearance, this time on Celebrity Squares but I don't like the way it came I'm hesitant to post it as a public puzzle. Tell me what you think....

I remember Trouble's Froggy, but only saw him during the kaleidoscope challenge and only for a brief moment. I have a choice- create puzzles or socialize. Before my eyes are no longer of any use, I choose creating puzzles. So as much as it would probably be fun to play, I'd rather make puzzles. If Growly didn't have such a sterling personality, I wouldn't have made any puzzles honoring him...but he's just too darned cute.
What I loved that Growly did was to take all the vegetables that were supposed to be put in to kaleidoscopes...into his mouth instead. I thought he came up with the most creative piece of artwork.
Yes, long live Jigidiland!

Ardy, I met Trouble 4 months ago and thought she was very, very cool...but knowing one celebrity is all I can handle right now. I don't know why Growly should be sad.


Wendy I thought you might be familiar with Trouble_and_Frog. They seem to have an unending supply of celebrities in their Who Am I game. I thought maybe they would loan a few, that's all. I don't know any celebrities either or I'd loan some. But the time has passed anyway. I assume Growly has gone home a sadder but wiser bear.


Yeah, Wendy! Growly's "input" was a huge picnic spread and a bottle of sloe gin! LOL .Shame those pics are gone!
Offhand, I can't think of any other (regular) attention seekers on jigidi, except, of course , the one and only,Trouble's Froggy! T&F actually only live an hour away from us and the "boys" used to get up to all kind of mischief together, fortunately now also deleted from the annals of jigidi! :-)
I can't think of anywhere else where so-called grown ups are able to have so much ( legal! ) fun with teddybears and wayward frogs! Long live Jigiland!


Pat, I used to thoroughly enjoy that show too. And I think you're right that Growly should receive a consolation prize in spite of the fact that the celebrities never received prizes as far as I know. ;-)

Hester, I loved creating this one....and it looks to me like I'm going to have to create a similar one because I realize that I should have had Growly on "Celebrity Squares" rather than "Hollywood Squares."

Ardy, I don't know any celebrities on Jigidi other than Growly. Hester 'visits' here now and again which is why I happen to know Growly. Otherwise I'd include other celebrities but I don't have the time to search for any.

Jan, I thought everyone knew Growly! Growly won a kaleidoscope contest that ran here about 4 months ago. I just looked for the entry but it's gone now.
Anyway, Hester (feistyfreddy) actually won, but it was only because Growly had input into the decision as to what to post for the contest.

Hester, there's no such thing as "shamelessly" publicizing Growly's exploits. Growly deserves all the recognition he can get. :-)

Sue, I'm glad you had fun. This was an especially fun puzzle to create. :-)


What fun, thanks. 1:13


feistyfreddy - thanks. That's the cutest - no most handsome bear i've seen for a while.
Dear Wendy - thanks for your patience with cross-culture "experiences".


Don't worry, Jan--I thought your comment was so funny taken literally--I've always wanted my 15 minutes of fame, and Jigidi would be a great place to get them!


Puzzlejan, if you get the chance this is when Growly went north to meet trouble and Froggy!

Wendy,please excuse my railroading your site to shamelessly publicise the exploits of the bear!


Oops! Sorry about the misunderstanding in names. I hope Pat will forgive me. The bear Growly is totally unfamiliar to me - I haven't even seen any of the programs you refer to, but I have read about them.


Puzzlejan, I should explain that I was referring to Pat, aka pdevredis's comment, and that the bear is Growly, my well travelled and would-be special agent teddybear! Hester


Maybe you could borrow a few celebrities from Froggy so Growly would have more of the feel of the show. Delightful puzzle. Thanks, Wendy.


Pat is lucky and honored to partake in today's special: " Wendy's funny Square puzzle!" complete with whimsical comments. So, after a few more comments, I'm sure Pat will feel quite famous (and well taken care of)


LOVE this Wendy! I'm laughing my socks off here!
Don't worry about the bear, Pat, 5 minutes of fame on Wendy's Wonderfully Wacky World of Obsolete TV shows will be enough for his ego!

In the UK the programme was called Celebrity Squares and it was one of my guilty pleasures too!


One of my favorite shows, many years ago! It never pretended to be a real game show, so all the stars were free to make atrocious jokes and no one worried about it being rigged!

I love your version, Wendy--but poor Growly should at least get a consolation prize, no?!


....the tv show no longer exists.