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Bicentennial Bell Pull - Bottom

36 pieces
48 solves
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You are so welcome, Pat. Thanks for coming by. I'm about ready to turn in. Night night. Hugs.


Love it thanks Ardy


You describe the process perfectly, Hanne. Thanks.


The very best moment: when you have finished it, have had it pressed and made beautiful with a fine piece of material on the behind and those pretty things down along the sides - and of course the fittings for hanging in both ends. Then you feel content and happy in a very nice way!! - and go on with the next embroidery!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


If I were more skilled at computers I think I cold have put both halves in one puzzle but I didn't know how to do that. There is so much to learn and the older I get the slower I am at learning new things. I did try the whole piece but it's about six feet long and the images were too small to be enjoyed. Thanks, Barb, for coming by.


A shame that both halves couldn't be posted together but I can tell the details of the puzzle would have been too small to appreciate had you posted them as one. Very nice work, Ardy. :-)


Thanks, Kirsten. The word play and nonsense on Jigidi are so much fun.


Ah, you're one step ahead of me Ardy! And Deborah's self-appointed TICA name stands for The Incorrigible Critter Adjuster, because I kept teasing her about putting critters through her blender, and not being the least bit sorry for her cruelty!!. So now she teases us all with her various instruments of torture (blender, grater, mixer etc), and won't say what the critters are!! But she is truly incorrigible. She even blended her son!! And you can see his eyeballs! Eeek! LOL


Oh, Kirsten. I was hoping you'd have time to see some of the results of your nagging. I saw her note this morning and found her work. It's beautiful. I went past lots of her puzzles that I had done - the book ones. She kept putting up favorite children's books that I have enjoyed and most of which I have in the library at school. I'm curious though about TICO. Could you tell me what that's all about? Thank you for coming by. Remember this was all your idea. LOL


Hi Ardy! Sorry it's taken me so long to get here to admire your bell pulls. They are lovely. I don't think I would have the patience or the artistic skill to create these. You are very clever!!

And I saw that you commented on Jawz (Deborah) puppy puzzle. She too, does cross stitch and told me that she had posted a whole heap of hers too. If you're interested, they're in her profile. Just go to the last page, and work your way back from there. I liked her birdhouses, tropical fish and Elmo!


A bell pull is an object that connects with a bell or bell wire which rings the bell when pulled. Used mostly in homes where servants would be called by ringing a bell. This is the bottom half of the one whose buildings have been featured during the past week.