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Happy Birthday, Sachi/Tephanes/Sachico (April 22): Largest

400 pieces
11 solves
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We had another big snow Monday night, but yesterday was sunny, so a lot of it melted. There may be a few more flurries tonight, but by Sunday it's supposed to be in the high 60s. A few days ago they said it would be over 70, but they changed that. I'll be glad to put away my winter sweaters and get out in the garden.


My challenges lie in the larger puzzles Gail hence doing this one. The smaller ones I tend to put together by shape rather than topic or section. That said I can't beat some of those fast solvers but if I did wouldn't remember a lot about it. Is it warming up in your district yet? We were down to a max temp of 20C (68F) today so into long sleeved T shirt and a sleeveless jacket. Not sure what the nights are down to but only 6 weeks or so to the beginning of winter. Have a great day.


De rien, Clodet. Sachi aime les coleurs bleu et or.


Oh lala! Le bleu et le or wow! Et heureux anniversaire à Sachi. Merci pour ce beau puzzle!


You were brave to do this huge one, Anne. I haven't tried it yet.


Thank you, Anne. I hope Sachi sees this. We haven't seen any action from her for a while and there's no way to contact her that I know of. As to being an expert before, hardly. I had no idea what to do or where to start. Kirsten/RandomWorship helped me a lot.


Happy Birthday Sachi! Nothing could surpass this masterpiece - even the weekly theme with a shell incorporated.
Gail - such a wonderful puzzle - loved those blues and golds, very regal and sophisticated. Your kaleidoscopes have increased at the speed of knots - were you an expert previously? It takes me so long to learn new things. Thank you kind friend.