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Blazing Star [the colors of Israel]

64 pieces
88 solves
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Mary, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is that you're going to have to join the big girl's club. Jigidi is overrun with 49-piece kaleidos, so I had to break away from the pack in order to get any kind of decent solve rate (which has at times doubled or more). The good news is that your time here is what it used to take you to solve the 49ers. Congratulations!


You're killing me with these "big" ones but if it's Israel I've gotta do it! LOL 8:31 Thanks, Gail! Any reminder of that wonderful country is great!


Thanks, Deborah. I'm so glad you liked it.


I love this Gail! The colors just pop off the screen!!!!


Thanks for the info, libra. I've always thought of Jewish colors as blue and yellow, but in a more roundabout way ~ blue for Israel, and yellow for the yellow Stars of David that Jews had to wear during the Holocaust.

I subscribe to Oregon Jewish Monthly. While I'm Jewish and have read extensively on the subject, I haven't read much about current Israel, and the articles in there have been very enlightening to me. It's given me new insight into the current political issues there.

Happy Chanukah to you as well. L'chaim!


The Israeli colors are blue and white, like the flag.
Happy Chanukkah fron sunny Israel.


Thanks, Kirsten my dear, and the same to you, even though you're not Jewish.


Lovely puzzle Gail!! and Happy Chanukah!! :)))


Thanks, Barb and Rod. Actually, yellow and blue are the Israeli colors, but I figured this was close enough.


Very nice Gail - thanks.


Lovely, Gail! :-)