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Venice Carnaval Mask

72 pieces
114 solves
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Dollcollector, yes, I am Heather. I reside in Louisville, KY, where I was raised. I also lived 20 years in Austin, TX. I love dolls and have collected a few myself.


Heathercru, I presume your name is Heather, I love that name. If
my son had been born a girl, he would have been named Heather
Rachelle. I just saw the message you left on the doll puzzle tonight,
and when I looked at your photo, I thought my goodness, she looks
so much like me, back when I was in my late 30's. The smile, the
glasses and hair, my hair was frosted back then, and more white
than blonde. I just had to write and share that with you. I hope you
return to visit the doll site again. I am in the U.S. are you?


This will make a fun puzzle also, I just did a Mardi gras puzzle
this week.