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Victorian Kaleidos...

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Thanks, Good Buddy.... Oh dear, you're going to have to send your Tab back to school for retraining... I've had something similar happen to me in Photoshop Elements.... I bring in an image, go to move it and it flies of the page.... Strange... And yes, way irritating.... Hope all is well with you.... Hugs... :) :))))


A lovely name for some beautiful kaleidos. When I first saw them, I hoped Mimi would find them. I'm glad she did. Sally, these are gorgeous! Thanks, dear one!

Forget my showing up on the board.... my Tab has developed the habit of eating the puzzle pieces. Sometimes when I touch a piece, it flies off to the lower right, below the screen. It does this several times per puzzle. .. or... not at all. EXCESSIVELY irritating!


Glad you enjoyed these, Edie... Yes, they would make good area rugs... Trouble is they'd have to be printed out on paper and then all you'd have is lining for the bottom of the cage.... LOL They do remind a little of Persian carpets... Wonder if I could sell the designs.... :) :) :)


These look like they'd make some fine area rugs. Maybe could put a couple in the coops for the winter. Really like that you made them into a collage Sally. I'm almost kaleidoed out nowadays. Thanks, really fun.


Thought you might notice the red... A little bit in each one... Glad you enjoyed them, Mimi.... :) :) :)


Wow, Kirsten... I'm tickled pink you like these... From our brilliant and ever clever QOK that means a lot.... Thank you, thank you....


Thank you Gaillou, I'm overwhelmed by your lovely comment... Thank you so much... This one was stuck in the back of my 'Ready' folder, don't know why.... I have a vague memory of what I used to kaleidoscope them and Photoshop Elements to do the actual kaleidoscoping... Good fun this creative stuff.... :) :) :)


Thank you Josie, good to be right side up... It's also good fun when you're upside down... Hugs to you too dear one.... :) :)))


Shirley, I think we posted at the same time, so I missed seeing yours earlier (Well actually yesterday)... Too funny... Half the time we forget to hit post and other times we post at the same time... Strange things happen with this time travel stuff... Glad you liked them, mate.... :) :) :)


These are great, very beautiful and I noticed a bit of red in there!! Hooray! :)))


They are very lovely Sally! And I love your treatment of them too. The gilt edging, and bevelled edges are perfect! Thank you! :)))


I love the deep colors and intricate designs. These are simply among the most beautiful kaleidoscopes I've ever seen. Thank you, Sally.


Exquisite, thank you, and welcome home. Hugs, me.

OK, thanks for the answer. They are very dainty.


I thought they were more fiddly and intricate than my usual ones... Like the gingerbread on old Victorian houses.... :) :)))


All very pretty Sally, I tried to choose a favourite, that was to hard, Thanks Sally :):)

Like the bright red in the bottom right one. Why are they Victorian?


Thanks again, LJ.... :) :) :)


Only you Oddio, only you.... I suppose these would go well with their Victorian lace shirts.... :) :) :)


Nice colors in this one, Sally!


I'm thinking these were kerchiefs for Victorian cowboys....