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Thanks Gene.


Great shot rob good set


Thanks Shirley - I couldn't resist this much-maligned bird!!
Lots will agree with you Lorna :))) Thanks.
Thanks chickie :))
That doesn't surprise me Rebecca - they harass everything here too!!


Around here they harass squirrels who can fit into feeders the crows cannot. Hard to know who to root for! Both persistent and crafty.


Wow! This is a gorgeous shot! Thanks robyn.


I love this close up shot, but I will never love the bird!


I see many crows, but never this close up, Thanks for the close up post Rob.


LOL!! Wicca should be happy to SEE a crow tex :))) Thanks.


Don't yall be dissin' the crows, Wicca might see this! Nice closeup, Rob! Thanks.


Thanks Laura - bad crows, but just the food chain working :))
They pick on most birds around her pg - except the Kookaburras!
Thanks warbler - I don't think you'll win the war though!!!
Thanks naner - I love close-ups too!
Thanks Gladstone - we have the same problem - we don't have sparrows any more since the crows moved in!


Great close-up picture. Crows are not liked in our city as they eat smaller birds' eggs like robins, etc.


Great shot robryan. All the closeup detail shows what a crow really looks like. Love the picture and puzzle but don't know if I think he pretty or not . . . Thanks!


They vandalize my ground bird feeder outside the kitchen bay window. They can see me come into the far end of the room, even when I'm in a shadow. I can appreciate them but I'm at war with them. Thanks Robyn


A study I read said they can even recognize people. They are truly great birds and I love to see them pick on the bluejays.


Lovey, I watched the same documentary, and now my opinion about these amazing birds is forever changed. But I am sorry about the dove's eggs. Bad crows!


If only they sounded nicer I'd like them a lot more Ami!! They wake us up at an ungodly hour some mornings!! I've also seen them robbing eggs out of a Doves nest right outside our kitchen window - I felt sorry for the Doves :))


I watched a show about crows the other day and learned a lot about them that I didn't know. They're much smarter than most people would think they are. They're capable of complex thinking. I've always liked them, but now I have to say I appreciate them for their intellect!