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One More Weird Swirl

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Now I'm really curious.........


Well I did find one.........about something that hadn't dawned on me at the time!.....(will mail tomorrow)...


That's a much better, less OCD way to be, Sue and Lela! I check it as soon as I log in in the morning, the last thing before I log out at night, and at least a dozen times during the day--not the most relaxing way to live... It took me a long time to stop feeling guilty if more than one person was able to comment before I got back to the puzzle, even! At least I don't check a dozen times to see if the stove is off before I leave, or wash my hands 100 times a day... LOL!

I used to write to you that way before I had your email, Lela, so the comments are now antique--but I'd still be careful about saying "yes" to them, if I were you, which I'm not, of course, to everyone's relief, yours and mine especially...! :-)))))))))))))


Hellooee pd!.......I'll have to check, Hee-Hee!........(I should use the 'most recent' thingy really, but I normally just check the recent ones for the reasons you said)......anyway, in answer to your comments that are 'somewhere'......"Yes!"........


I try to leave the ones I have commented on in my completed section to see it the person has responded. After a couple of days I go ahead and remove it. I do try to use the recent comments button once in awhile. Happy Day.


That's true. I've often thought of leaving a message for you on one of your puzzles, but I wondered if you still checked them... Even Lela doesn't use that "recent comment" function, as far as I can tell, because I've tried several times to say something that way, and he never responded. I guess he just checks the puzzles he has most recently posted, probably because his puzzles are story puzzles, and aren't as likely to have a new solver six months later, unlike a design puzzle......


Yes, it would be very handy because it would also mean private comments. The reason I posted my first (and for the longest time only) puzzle, was if someone really wanted to get in touch with me, they'd have a place to leave a comment. Of course, they couldn't be in a hurry because I might not see it for a week or two...


Ooooh, that person-to-person would be soooooooooooo handy! It would help with more than just Starla--there are others who don't post any puzzles, and so it's hard to "speak" to them directly. I just have to hope that they check back on my puzzles if they've commented, and I don't think that that many people do that....

Thanks so much, Sue!


So much fun, thanks. 2:08


I couldn't agree more - bing 'em on!!!

I do believe TPTB are working on person to person comments. If/when it happens, you can send a personal message to ms starla and perhaps stop the endless requests once and for all!!


I posted a comment right after yours, PJ and Ardy, and I said that "bright but muted" seems like a fitting description for a puzzle I thought of as weird! And the comment is gone! I know it was there, because I came back later and saw it... Darn...

Anyway, thanks, PJ, Ardy, and now Kathy, too--I'm glad you liked it! :-)))




These are those colors I like so much - bright but muted - if that makes sense. Thanks, Pat. Really enjoyed this one too.


Pat, I really enjoyed this wondrously weird swirl. You're so good at finding variants, thanks.


I will bing/bling/bring them on, for sure, Jan! This was a LunaPic set of effects, with embossing and harsh lighting, and then adding new colors to point up where those effects made double colors in each section. The most obvious example is the outermost ring, which now looks like a wide orange ring inside two narrow blue bands, but which started as just a wide ring that the harsh lighting effect changed to light and dark shades of the original color, and that I then was able to change to separate colors... Same with the yellow surrounding lime green sections...Weird, but I'm glad it's fun!

Would like this in more pieces please. Thank you.


Bing 'em on, Pat! The weirder, the better! Great puzzle!