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FOR EDIE: Patterns Predominately Turquoise and Fuchsia.... (Smaller Than The Other One)...

48 pieces
127 solves
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540 Size


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Thank you, Jan... I must admit, I like this format too... These are really good fun to create... I hope I don't wear them out.... I still get a smile thinking about adding Edie's chickens... Looks like she has a great time with them.... Thanks again for letting me know you liked this one.... :)) :))) :))))


Thanks, Snooker.... Go ahead, feed my new addiction.... :) :))))


This is a most beautiful and satisfying puzzle to solve. The chickens and flowers were a wonderful addition. I recognized Edie's chicks right off. What a sweet thing to do for her. A great puzzle! Thank you!

Have never done one over 100 pieces, Sally, and that was hard to do with my eyes and the smaller monitor. Don't think I would have the patience for a really big one. They are all yours. :)


Thanks, Snooker... I try to think outside the box... This time the thought ended up in the box.... I like this format too... Believe it or not I did it in 540... Don't know what's happened but I'm getting hooked on the biggies... Have you ever tried one?? Takes a lot of sorting, (And a couple of hours, thank goodness Jigidi saves your progress).... but very peaceful and relaxing and fun... :) :)))))


Thank you, Edie for the lovely comment.... And you're welcome too... An all day smile is a good thing... So pleased you enjoyed the surprise..... I'm sure Pecky and the gang were happy to get breakfast.... I would imagine they are all enjoying the good weather too.... :) :))))))

Glad I saw 2d7c's comment before I did the puzzle so I knew the significance of all the little critters. Great idea, Sally, and it was fun to do.


When this popped on my favourites I thought to myself, I really like those colours and then I realized that you made it with those colours for me. What a sweet thing to do Sally and you know how much I love this format. Then the next surprise was when it was finished and I saw Pecky and then my quail and two little chicks. This was such a nice surprise so early in the morning, I'm smiling now and probably will be all day. Thank you so much, I mean that Sally. First break and I'll be on the the next size. Right now Pecky and crew want breakfast and to be let out. LOL