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Vegans and their food

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They look like hot dogs, but they taste like paste and have the texture of warm play-doh.


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................sorry people, I've forgoten to check my own postings and I'm a little late for the rebuttals.
Pantsonfire: Your inquisitive comment does raise a smile !
Joan_2: Have no idea what you are referring to.........I've most likely missed something along the lines and it disheartens me..........what camping, tent, RV, biking ?
florrie: Your objection is noted and I'll try duplicitous tactics such as getting through the door under completely false premises and telling blatant lies about potential benefits or.......I'll maintain the idea of submitting my opinions whether sublimally (directed to those who have the ability to read between the lines), openly (to raise a debate; it's also called exchanging ideas (Opinions) and I could go on for hours but that would only injure your positive way of life.


I love camping, in a tent or an rv.
I am into biking.
Why you think I gots a problem with either, Mr. Jack?



There's just something wrong about posting pictures of sausages next to Prince Harry and three naked guys :-D