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Wonder what he collects

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I think it's a worldwide thing, Pdevredis :-) I did it too. We didn't have baseball cards here, as baseball is not really popular in Belgium. We just used playing cards :-)


I think that he collects old baseball cards, and just needs lots of bikes so there will be enough spokes for him to clothespin them to! (I don't know if that was a strictly American phenomenon when I was growing up, but young boys loved to clip card to the spokes so they would flap and clatter as the kids rode! ).


@ Pkin: Glad you think it's funny... well, it might be as long as it's not on my wall :-)
@ Nellies: I bet they're old bikes, not worth anything. I'm not climbing up a ladder to unscrew my favourite bike though :-)


Great pic starlord! Do you think he has padlocks on all of them?


Well it is funny.


Thanks, Pkin. Want a bike? Just get one off the wall :-)


Good one thanks


Long live Google :-) I checked it out, Brie and it is indeed a bike shop. You're right. Thanks for the information :-)


ah ha! Thank goodness for Google! A bicycle shop in Altlandsberg, Germany advertises their goods with a wall of around 120 bikes mounted on the building?s exterior in lieu of a sign. What do you think would happen if they tried it in New York?


Hmmm...can't be in and safety...council planning authority...


And if it's windy, all the wheels start spinning and you would get nauseaus :-) But hey, it's art... I think


The more I look at it, the more weird I think it is, and it would drive me nuts if that was the "view" from my place. Saves having to paint the wall though I guess.


Yeah right. Your neighbour knocks on your door and says: 'Yo Bentleyd, mind if I hang my bikes on your wall?'. And you go: Sure, be my guest :-) That's how I picture it :-)


A bit odd, but each to his own:-)


Maybe he considers it a work of art, Gary :-) He even hung them so that his neighbours can share his passion.


What a strange hobby! Would never have thought of collecting bikes and hanging them like that. Oh well, to each his own. It's kinda cool to look at though!