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Hi Magda thankyou so glad you liked my kaleidoscopes. I think the queen thing is just their little joke, like I also get called Lady June just because long ago I was the only English one in the group.


Dear June, it was Kirsten who told me about your beautiful Kalaidos, when I called her the queen of K. She said this title should rather go to you. I used to like doing your other puzzles, the theme ones with the stripes and little figures. But now, I believe I will do your Kalaidos as well, they are really outstanding. Problem is, the days have only 24 hours, and I have to sleep sometimes. Thank you very much dear June, and Best wishes.


thanks Lee and hanne, bedtime again, have fun

I particularly like the top right but the whole piece is quite successful. Thank you,


Marvellous, June, thanks so very much!!


Hi all thank you, been in photoshop for what seems like days but have now escaped. glad you like the Monday one. the creature is Selipnir the eight legged horse of Odin, I could pretend to be an artist but he mainly happened by accident:)


Hi June, this has lots of bold, bright designs! Perfect for Monday - thanks!


Love, love the creature on the middle right. Just got back from Tombstone Arizona and it looks like a prehistoric Native character - modernized.


All are very interesting designs & pretty too. Thanks again June!! :)))
(time, 4:13)


Some terrific images in there June! Specially that top right!! I could just rest my head on that bright beauty and have a nice sleep!! It looks like a gorgeous cushion. Thanks very much!! :)))


thanks roadworn, glad you like my Monday puzzles


I like the variety of bold images in this one. Fun to do and thank you.