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Shoe tree found on the roadside...?

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i think this tree is in fallen, nv. go to the shoe tree .com.
this is a new site , i have seen the old site a lot. lots of shoes. some one went and cut it down, so started a new one down the loneliest road in america. highway 50.


Googled it and this was the final answer: "The long and short of it is that everybody seems to have a theory but nobody knows the answer. Maybe there is no answer; maybe sneakers hanging on power lines don't have any particular meaning at all." I still think it's just teenagers having fun!


Thanks, Tex and Nancys! I'm not sure about the meaning, Nancys, but every now and then I see several tennis shoes hanging from the power lines. I love teenagers and their shenanigans! Good fun until their parents ask what happened to their shoes! :)


This used to have meaning to homeless travelers of the past. I don't know what it means now.


Gracie, only you would think of that! Thanks, Sis, that's a cute one!


LOL! Gracie, I wish I had some seeds, too!


Can I have some seeds? I would love to plant one, imagine the savings!