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Ben Franklin vs Zeus

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Lots of other artwork by Jason Heuser:


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Will answer soon! :) I love what you've written here! Cheers, Holly!


For sure! - even I have a fault or two! ;-) I have wanted to read Mr. Zinn's book for a long time, hopefully with someone to discuss it with along the way. When my grandson was in 8th grade, there was a version of the book for young people that he read alongside the state text. What a smart idea. I remember being so shocked in college having to relearn so much of American - and world - history. Young people see and experience inequity all around them anyway and they are very capable of learning how to balance patriotism with discernment. I think First People were an aspect of Nature - that's how they saw/see themselves - and so like Nature they were there to be exploited, used, destroyed without - in general! there have always blessedly been exceptions - being seen as anything other than an obstruction to domination of the land and its resources. In California the FP were enslaved by the Spanish, especially on the missions, just as they were in Central and South America. Oh, what a despicable history! There is no making up for it, but we can, I hope, see in our time a respect and acceptance of people and their wisdom that can lead to a healing of the world for all of us. I do believe we need to listen to those throughout the world who have been a part of their place for millennia. In my area in 2014, where the FP were fiercely hunted - as sport and for reward - the Wiyot held their first World Renewal ceremony in 150 years. This is a beautiful thing and they made it very clear it is for EVERYONE and the WHOLE WORLD, not just them and their place. There is hope.


Not too political - you speak the truth. Seems that no one is without their faults and the ignorance regarding Native Americans is unforgivable. It's like they required less thought than other creatures. I recall reading that African people were more valuable than the First People because the former could be enslaved. In most cases, the Native People were killed or imprisoned on squalid land. Their one value was the land they held. More than one way to solve that, sadly. Have you ever read "A People's History of the United States" ( I think that's the correct title). By Howard Zinn. It's one of the best I've ever read about the problematic beginnings of our country. It's written from the perspective of the "little people," like you and I would be considered. Not from the perspective of the powerful. It's a very wide range of struggles that has made us who we are as a country. I need to re-read it. Very fitting for these uncomfortable days.... Thanks for your views!


He did do a lot for conservation, that is true. However, I've recently learned, he left the First People out of that whole scheme. It's really bothering me that the people who were an integral part of our country's world long before Europeans arrived were brutally kicked out of it and have to struggle to have a voice in our public lands' administration. I hope this isn't too political a statement in such a pleasurable venue :-)


Thanks for the link, Holly! I've saved it for later. I love the TR and Lincoln portraits, too. Especially with Bigfoot - maybe it's finally a creature that Teddy couldn't overwhelm? Although he did a lot for conservation. Thanks again!


Mr. Heuser is quite the political artist! though I don't get some of it ... Obama, yes! Always grace under pressure. I really like Pres. Lincoln in his guises - there is something about him as a human being as well as the outcome of his persevering for justice and unity. Also TR because we have Big Foot near here where I live - I'm sure he would have loved that "trophy." (I'm glad for every creature that escaped him and his insatiable collecting.)
Here is a link to an explanation about what gods are represented in American Gods:


Adding to the comment, below: Here's the link, Holly - and I found out who the artist is! Jason Heuser aka SharpWriter.

Some edgy stuff, too, but I love his President series...

One of my favorites, besides this one is of Obama.


I'm glad you saw the humor in this, too, Holly. I love it! When I saw him sparring with Zeus, it made my day. I think it IS a play on Wolverine. You should look at the rest of the paintings. I'll try to find the site in a bit. No artist was given credit. There are a bunch of cool pics. I've never seen American Gods but will check it out (also the book). Thanks for enjoying! :)


I think this is hilarious! Ben F looks like Wolverine in deep disguise - I note the nasty talons.
It reminds me of the show on Starz - American Gods - based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. Have you seen it? Pretty amazing on the conflict of the new gods of consumerism and technology vs. ancient beliefs.
Thanks for a fun one!