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Goofie: don't you get the message?!.....

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I very seldom get to see him lying in his cat bed downstairs (in the living room) because he only sleeps in it during the nights.
I was up (too) late last night when he stepped into his bed...I think he was trying to make it clear it was getting very late and about time I should turn off the lights and get off to my bed too !☺☺☺


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Yes cbmuller....he loves this bed:)

LOL catslave.....but putting him up to his mum?!!!☺♥☺
-We'll never forget the antics of our long gone furry babies don't we?♥

Rebecca he can sleep where and whenever he wants, but this is HIS bed and he sleeps with or rather ON a little "security" mousie. When it's really hot he will not lay in his bed though....☺

Wow Lynetteoz...your cats could read the clock?! :) does work for Goofie.....maybe there's still hope for me!☺☺☺


I think mum got the message Goofie .... time for your beauty sleep, and hers :)))


We have had two different cats who have demanded to go to bed with "a family member" of course at a certain time every night :-)


That's interesting - at night he prefers the snug container, but during the day he feels secure enough to stretch out other places.


Goofie, good for you for trying to make sure your human gets her proper rest. After all, she did mess up your routine the other day by not following you downstairs promptly - probably due to lack of sleep! ☺☺☺

My first cat used to stand in the living room doorway and shout at me if I stayed up too late... ☺♥☺ Still miss her.


How nice to see him all snug as a bug in his pretty bed!


.....uh...yes Marilyn....again!!! ☺☺ Our time difference is 7 hours and right now I'm already 1 hour at Friday while you still have about 6 hours to go of Thursday! I'm off to bed now...nighty night....☺


....and are you up late this evening? I googled The Hague time and it is supposed to be 12:08 am but it is 5:08 pm here. My furry friends also let me know when it is bedtime.