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Write a Caption! men in red

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Are you saying that a picture "is worth a thousand words?" LOL Thank you.

Thanks for all the great captions!!!


I'm sorry, I like writing captions, but this picture stands on its own - nothing I could say would make it more amazing or funnier!


Refused admittance to the amusement park, these blokes have clearly gone stark hopping mad.


Does this make my rear end look big?

No dear, red is slimming - really :-)


They're bouncy, flouncy,trounce, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun....but the most wonderful thing about kiggers is......they're totally bonkers Aussie blokes in Lycra....!


I'm cracking up! Laughing hard is the reason - - not just in general! LOL


All sing together now..."Tie me kangaroo down boys, tie me kangaroo down..."

These are the original kangaroo boys. The song has been misinterpreted for years; as originally written, it was "Tie me kangaroo boys down..tie me kangie-boys down.."


Santa has started auditions for replacements for the reindeer during his travels down under, due to the heat. Here we see some of the more successful aspirants. At least they can fly.


Here we have the missing link between humans and kangaroos. We wish they were still missing.


No caption. Really funny - including something going on with the two men in background.


It was so hot that they got their butts red from sitting on the grass.


Today in the news, Australians throughout the land jumped for joy when they learned the true meaning of ''Waltzing Matilda''. A con man named Rolf Harris was responsible for the previous misunderstanding of the term.

Roo Rosettacanus


What's the big deal? I see these things in my front yard all the time. I chase them away with a shovel but they keep coming back. Just a minor nuisance.