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Hornavan, Sweden.

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Sorry to have been away, but early Thursday morning our telephonenet was struck by a lightening and our modem died. We have waited for another one to come and today it happened...

Part of the lovely landscape around the lake Hornavan..what you see is blueberry bushes - lots and lots of them - and of course the pines...


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Yes, they were - we are totally blue in the face and on our fingers when we return from a walk here - they taste awfully good and are big and juicy - thanks so very much Ardy! :)))

Sleep well, Ank - thanks so very much!! :)))


Very nice, bed time, hugs♥


Were the blueberries gone by the time you were there, Hanne? We are getting some good ones now. I buy lots and freeze them to have for the rest of the year. Besides putting frozen berries on cereal keeps the milk nice and cold!!! Thanks.