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A very late flower, on the American lilac.

165 pieces
79 solves
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Latin: Ceanothus delilianus. Amerikaanse sering wordt het in Nederland genoemd.


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Hi Lia....I'm Barb :) So now that we are officially introduced, let's go straight to business....LOL
I will try to make a larger puzzle if the Jigidi lets me. My pictures all are small file because I need them to post attached to an email on my plant groups. That is why I post mostly small puzzles.
I hope you are having a great time camping and your camera is busy... :)
Sorry for such late reply, but then, you are out on vacation anyway :)


Hello SunnyBarb25 (why don't we all use our own first name??? much easier communicating!!, but that is just a remark to the side!). I like solving the small ones, although I am not fast, but it is no challenge, and gives a 'hurry-up' idea! I mostly make the puzzles from 80 - 150. Just enough to sit down and have a nice time, but not so much (200 - 540 pieces!!) that all pieces are all piled over each other on my screen and I have to make the pieces so small, I need a looking glass!! I will watch your puzzles (I like anything, as long as the colours are nice!) next week, as I am going camping a few days now -> with no wifi/internet!! But I hope to make some nice pictures for jigidi puzzles. I'll make sure I make enough puzzles with many pieces! I mostly do, as I like keeping everybody happy!
And as for the lilacs: In Holland they bloom appr. in june, so this one flower was very late!


Oh...LOL I thought all your lilacs bloom just now. I'm from the north originally so I'm very familiar with lilacs and other northern plants. Nice surprise, I agree!

Thank you for the praise, nigeline...but what sizes do you like? I myself love 200 and up because I'm way too slow for the tiny puzzles. When I get a 300 or so puzzle, I just settle in with a cup of coffee and have a great time solving it. I also love the "difficult" ones....LOL I will make one for you... :) A cactus, or other succulent? An orchid/ Let me know.


No! It is just one late flower. it must have forgotten to bloom in May. But it made me a nice surprise! By the way: you make lovely pictures. Could you sometimes make two different sizes????


nigeline, are your lilacs blooming just now instead of in May?????