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I MUST See That Optometrist!

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77 solves
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There probably is a discount for a multiple Jigideer swarm of patients! LOL
So glad you enjoyed it, Kirsten!!!!! Thanks so much!


Can we get a discount if we both go Jan? LOL But seriously, this one was much easier in the solve than I expected it to be. And a delight! Thanks very much!! :)))


Pat - you told me once that that was your natural state! (ROFL) Thanks so much, my friend.


Now i'm crossed eyed and confused... what a way to start the day... Thanks Jan


OMG, he must have been disappointed. Did he get to drive later? LOL


I remember a joke about vision. A cousin of my late husband went to the dr to check his vision. The dr. showed him all the Alphabet in all sizes, the poor man could not tell him, what he saw. So the dr. forbade him to drive, as he semed to be nearly blind. What he did not know, (and we did): there was nothing wrong with his vision, but he was analphabet! This actually happened.LOL


Mandy - It's only 9am here! And, I was home watching a movie last night. So, THIS time I'm innocent! LOL
glad you liked it!!


I'll have some of what you've had Jan!! It's not just double vision you've got... it's triple!!! Fun puzzle :~)


Ardy - Ok, That's the problem. I'll say a bit of money on doctor's bills! LOL

Hester - I thought it might be even trickier than it was! But, hey, you finished it anyway. Thanks so much for that!!! :D


Tricky one, Jan. I was crosseyed too by the time I had finished it! :-))


Jan, maybe you are just looking through glass that distorts. Lovely colors in a perfect frame for this very busy design. Thanks.