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Come Sit a Spell....

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This bench is below my back deck. It is surrounded by fragrant Snowball Virurnums. There is just room to sit and take in the fragrance of the flowers and look out at the beaver pond on the stream in far part of the back yard.


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Alright! Thanks for noticing Floyd, and on a photo I almost didn't deem worth putting on. Go figure.


Good morning Dave. Did you notice all your puzzle solves have a red star. GREAT.


Thanks Li and smllpkg!


Now YOU've provided a place to sit for us! I love little nooks like this to just pray and meditate and enjoy the beauty surrounding me. Thanks for sharing your special place, Dave!


Beautiful spot to sit and rest in, warbler. Love it!


I'll have it ready, LJ

I bet, Sit and smell nd I'll bring you a cup of hot mint tea this morning, Pat.


Whew I needed to sit...


Mint iced tea? I'll be right over!


Good idea Aggie-I like your avitar change!

I'll save you a spot Laura, we'll have mint iced tea.

Come on Patti-I'll trim the viburnum a little and you can fit between Laura and Lyndee. I'll pull up a chair. Fresh mint iced tea all around. :-)

Thanks for the image, Ami. Very soothing.

Thanks Anitas for the comment.

Including you, Floyd. I enjoy your puzzles and am always checking to see what you have next.

There is a big one on each side of the bench about 10ft tall and 10ft wide. They are super in flower. Every few years we cut them back to about 5 ft which keeps them happy. Thanks for sharing the memory, Sandy.


Wow, love it! The snowball viburnum reminds me of my Grandma's. I loved it. Thanks Dave.


Well, Dave a lot of people must be doing something right including taking nice pictures of views that inspire others.


What a great place to sit for a while.


Do we have to take reservations????? I want mine ASAP!


I love it Warbler! I wonder if we can all fit!!!


I used to have a favorite hideaway spot that I called Big Rock Candy Mountain. It was a wonderfully quiet place to go and hide from family and just get myself collected. I went there a lot and I still imagine myself being able to go sit there on that big rock, listening to the little brook babbling away next to me.


Ohhhh...I love it! I have a snowball viburnum, but it is very small. I think I will definitely come and sit down in the garden, warbler. Thanks!


Thanks PG, I'll try not.

Come and sit Suzy you'd be welcome!


Lucky you! I am a pushover for benches. Just love them-and this one, surrounded by snowball virurnums...well...doesn't get much better!


I will be right there and do not wake me until summer is in full swing.