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48) Is the Hoover in a Small World After All?

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Bet you can't get that tune out of your head now, can you??!!


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Not tried that one. I have to say that I do not 'do' roller coasters! the scariest I managed was the Runaway Train and did that with my eyes closed for 99% of the time - though I ran the video camera the whole way so I could see later what had terrified me! Total wimp!


I loved this ride when I was a kid! But my favorite was the Matterhorn at night!


I HATE THAT TUNE!!! How many times did we go round and round because we were too tired to get off at the end of the day and were dying the 'Disney Death'? And they have them in Paris as well aaaarrrggghhhh


You're a stinker, Brie! :DDD