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Friday Surprise Puzzle: KaleidoPlanets!! ~ Large

140 pieces
85 solves
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Here's my Friday Surprise puzzle, where I have a bit of fun, playing with different effects and techniques!! The kaleidos in this puzzle are kaleidos made from images that I made myself. I made gradients, which I ran through a heap of filters, and then kaleido'd. And I placed them on a spacey kind of background, and then framed it.

I use a variety of programs to make my puzzles, and this one took around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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Dagmar!! Hola! I have the biggest smile on my face, knowing that you really enjoyed this one. Thank you!! I had a wonderful time making it too. I really love making this montage-style of puzzle. Specially now I have mastered (well, OK, maybe just figured out) layers and the drop shadow effect - thank you for the tip!.

I hope to get over to enjoy your puzzle shortly too. Can't wait!! And I hope you have a wonderful week too. :)))


Good evening Kirsten, I couldn't leave without having a go at this beauty. It was delightfully tricky, just the kind of puzzle I adore. Solving by pattern not by colour. The colours and your gradients are really beautiful, and with so much pink Ardy must have been delighted. :))
Now I have overstayed way too much again LOL - I solved my own puzzle as well :)) - and so I wish you a good night and a wonderful week. :))


Thanks Robbie! It wasn't meant to be that tricky. But something seemed to change in the colours of the kaleidos when I placed them on this background. They seemed to meld in with the colours of the background much more. Weird!! But I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed it anyway. I hope you have a great week-end too! :)))


What a very enjoyable surprise Kirsten. The colours are gorgeous and it was a bit tricky, but that is what makes a good puzzle. Thanks and have a good weekend.