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Cushioned Borders (Smaller)

42 pieces
115 solves
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Thanks, Katie, Lela, and Mandy! I hope the smoke alarm didn't frighten anyone.....!

Tsk, tsk, people have got to stop seeing mailboxes everywhere--although I do appreciate your adding all that paper to the fire! Saved me some money on wood!:-))) (Yes, I solved it last night after I posted it under 65, just to see what it was like, and I forgot that I did, so I solved it again this morning under my regular profile, so you got to cough twice!).


Fun puzzle, thanks Pat.... I thought I smelt burning??


Oh nooooooo!..........I didn't read the comments first, and emptied a whole sack of mail in that big slot!!........(I did think it was a bit warm in there).........


Looks nice and soft Pat. Nothing at all like any kind of receptacle! Thanks!


Oh, my, I never thought of that! Actually, there's a wonderful fireplace with blazing logs behind the slot, for this coooold day, so I wouldn't recommend inserting any mail (or anything else!) through it! LOL! Thanks, Ardy!


Is there need for NO MAIL SLOT warning here? Or maybe you do have a receptacle for mail behind the puzzle. Lovely colorful one. Thanks, Pat.