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Today in Bermuda.

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Oh thanks bookish.


Thanks Robbie, I always look forward to your photos with accompanying stories. You never disappoint!!


Thank you PLG, Celeste and Hanne, wish I could lend this to you for a while!


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy for all of us in snow and frost! Please! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


wow so beautiful


Wonderful! Thanks, Robbie! You live in a beautiful place!


Me too chickie, thanks.
Hi PK, we are waiting for you!


Hey Graci, thanks.
Oh thank you PG, it is tough, but what can I do?!
Hi BJ, I dove down to about 15 FT and that was far enough. I would not stick my head inside for anything! Ever since I can remember there has always been a big school of Grey Snappers living there, we think they breed. Also huge lobsters come in and out, at night I have seen as many as 10 marching out in search of food. They come over to our dock and Jenny caught a 9 1/2 LB one. Of course we threw it back!!


I'm on my way Robbie....


Oh, I get heebeegeebees thinking about being in an underwater cave. Thanks for the puzzle and story Robbie.


Robbie have you been under the cave? Super view


Poor Robbie, I am feeling so sorry for you along with all the other jigidi friends. It is a hard job being you but then again someone had to be you so why not you? At exactly 6:30 EST we will all breathe a sigh of relief for you.


Beautiful Robbie!!


Jenny says that all the time TC, but always when she is MAD, which is QUITE OFTEN!! Ha ha
Thanks Jacques.
Thank you Carol, glad you liked it.


Beautiful and a great story to go with it. :)


so beautiful mate!


Oh for the life of Robbie!!


YO and Lela we crossed, sorry. Thank you and this is my picture from the boat.
Hi snooker, thank you.

Nothing short of beautiful.


Hi Ank, haha, poor uncle had a fright!! I'm not big on birthdays Ank, if someone didn't remind me I would forget mine, couldn't care less about it! Jenny loves hers so I try to remember, Ok I'll put hers on for you.
Unfortunately not gem, I don't think many could go where he did! Gives me the creeps! Thanks.


Nice photo (Jenny, I'd imagine!).......captures all the reflections well....

Great story Robbie.
Thank you.


Did he find anything in the cave? Gold doubloons? Pirate swag?


A very beautiful photo and an other lovely story. It reminds me to un uncle, he did only stay one night with us. He never did it again. I don't know why. lol.
Robbie please add yours and Jenny's birthday on one of my puzzles. I want to post a birthday date puzzle every month. And please everybode of the Jigidi family, add your date on one of my puzzles.


Hi Tex, thanks very much.


Robbie, you have the coolest stories to tell. And this is a good one! Thanks.


This is our neighbour's property behind the dock house on the other picture. Dad and I built that dock on the left about 18 years ago ourselves on weekends. Behind the dock is an underground cave that goes to almost 60 ft. deep and runs for hundreds of yards under that yellow house and other properties in the neighbourhood. I met the spelunker who went through it and managed to get him so drunk one night he missed a whole day of work!! My mates and I wanted to hear his exploits, so I cooked up a whole bunch of Grouper and shark, fish chowder and of course many rum swizzles followed by beer, wine and creme de menthe frappes for dessert!! He was absolutely hammered ( I guess we were too!) He ended up staying in my cottage and I don't think he moved for 15 hours!! But I tell you his stories were some sort of scary, he dived in caves all over the world and had some harrowing escapes. Not for me, really nice guy, but never saw him cousin said he told her that my mates and I scared him more than the most dangerous cave he explored!!! (My mates, not me!!) I'll tell you something, he never had good food like that before!! Sorry, there goes my big mouth again, I tell you if school had not interfered with my life I could probably tell you so many more stories!!!