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Horses, part 1 (small)

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72 solves
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The theme this week is Horses.


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Now, I might argue about the best dad in the world..... :D
But, I loved Mr. Ed, too! And, I have conversations with myself all the time. Thanks so much, Babchi!!
Your dad would have been 105? Wow!


It seems like Mr Ed is well remembered! It was my father's favorite show (if he were alive today he would be 1050. I believe it was because it reminded him of his work horses and he must have had conversations with them He did have a habit of talking to himself. lol! best Dad in the world!


Katie - I am evil, no doubt about it. You could sing, "Wildfire" or "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" instead!
So glad you enjoyed the horse race!

Barb - WOW! Thank you so much. Great compliment. I am now smiling. I have to get over to yours soon!!


A 5 star puzzle at the moment, Jan. :-))) And now it's me singing the Mr Ed song. Shows how old I am. LOL Thanks for a fun filled theme puzzle.


Good theme puzzle Jan! I love the 3-D framing behind the individuals. And I can't believe you had the audacity to insert Mr. Ed into my head this morning! :-DDD


Hester - at least you aren't thinking of singing...."I am Mr. Ed!" now THAT is a horrible ear worm!

Thanks so much, Ardy! :D

JC - I have one coming up that is all pinks and lavenders.....if I dare post it!


You've got to stay on your toes, Hester. Jan is always changing things around just to confuse us! LOL!


Like the silhouettes on different backgrounds, Jan. Since it's early in the day I'm actually on the board. Thanks, Jan.


And today's aggravating tune that we shall all be humming is the theme to "Black Beauty"!LOL I was slow on this one, Jan .I think it was a sneaky move putting in 2 pink and 2 turquoise sections! Had me fooled! Note to self: next time study the image before plowing in! :-))