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What a lovely island, let's relax and have a nice day!!

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Indeed, you are right, Mimi!! Thanks so very much!!


Uh oh, a lovely peaceful scene like this usually leads to trouble! Fun!


Perhaps.....!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!!


The golden ones must be tired from all that rowing. Perhaps they will be allowed to rest awhile before anything happens. Thanks Hanne and Bent.


They DO deserve some nice experiences, they will have it but not exactly now!! Thanks so very much Dagmar, a big smile from Bent!!


These Rainbow Islands are really not very hospitable, everyone seems to be inhabited by unfriendly or even dangerous creatures. The poor golden adventurers deserve a little bit of rest after such a long time rowing and unpleasant encounters. :))
Thanks Hanne for a new open door at my calender. :)) Tell Bent I love his islands they are wonderfully done. The landscapes are so imaginative and original. :))


- and naive, yes!! Thanks so very much Lela!!


Oh dear...they are soooo innocent!.......


Thanks so very much Sandy!!

I don't know what they have, but they really couldn't know, could they?? Thanks so very much Jan!!


These two have the worst luck! Or, is it the worst judgement? My heavens, "RUN AWAY!"


All my questions have been answered. Thanks Hanne.


The huuuge one-eyed monster, Robbie!! No, they won't get much rest!! You are right the cacti look nice, almost edible I think, juicy and with a lot of good "meat"!! Thanks so very much!!

As you see it is NOT, Ardy!! Once again they were unfortunate and landed on a nice but dangerous island. Thanks so very much!!


I hope that's a rock and not a large unfriendly animal that I see left of center up in the foliage. It does look like a nice place to rest. Hope they get some. Thanks, Hanne.


Yes at first glance it does look peaceful , but is that a huge bear's face looking out from behind the rocks?! At least the golden boys are close to the water and their boat easy to push out if they have to. The giant green Prickly Pear cacti look in good shape. Thanks Hanne and Bent, very cool picture.