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Tootsie and Pumpkin - best buddies

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Hi - sorry for the delay! Tootsie has white tootsies, hence the name. I think she will miss her, as will her sister Topshelf. We have asked the vet, when the time comes, if she will come to our home. They are such a close knit group and I fear there will be some grieving and I read that it sometimes helps if they ...oooohh a few tears right now...if they see their buddy who has passed over...
Just a few months ago we thought it was to be Tootsie we would lose. She too went for dental work and a mass was found on her tongue, right at the base. My only hope was that the vet said it was 'on' and not 'under'.
After the biopsy it tuned out to be not squamous cell carcinoma that we thought it was but eosinophilic granula complex. And there is that word again. Both are auto-immune diseases but Tootsie's was what is known as 'rodent' ulcers and not cancerous. I asked the vet if the eosinophilic cells in Tootsie could mutate to become what Pumpkin has but she said no -as far as the limited knowledge available would indicate.
they all love Tootsie (who is also known as Tootsie-roll as she has a tendency to roll from side to side on her back!), she is their 'mum' - that would have been really awful. It is going to be tough


I wonder what Toots (my nickname for my tortoiseshell Tootsie) is going to do without Pumpkin? How is Pumpkin doing?

I left you a message on these puzzles, whenever you get a chance (no hurry):


I'm glad you enjoyed them ;-)

Aw. So cute. Glad they all get along. Enjoyed the puzzles.


I am glad to say all four love each other. the youngest, Ziggy, has pretensions of being Alpha Female but Tootsie soon puts her in her place - number four! We had had Tootsie six months when we brought home Pumpkin and Topshelf. She ignored them for two weeks; lots of hissing and then she jumped on them, gave them a thorough lick-down and has been 'mum' to them ever since.


Aaaaaw! :)))

I love cats who are BFFs. Spent so many years dealing with cats who hated each other!