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THEME - Clocks - Timepiece Broches from Rocks to Riches

48 pieces
88 solves
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Thanks for the smiles, Robbie, I wish I had been one of the kids in your neighborhood growing up. You would have been lots of fun to chum with, you always come up with the best ideas. You must walk through life with a grin on your ficae, because you are always up to something.


Hi gmp, fun puzzle to solve. I would like to get a 6' X 8' enlargement of this and hang it on my friend's wall after he falls asleep. He is in Belgium and he "BUGS" me a lot! I would fit a strong spotlight on this picture and hook up a loudspeaker with a boat horn. About 3.00am blast the horn......flick the light on........and watch the show!!!! Want to join me?! Do you have anyone who bugs you a lot?.......Well there you go, a nice little prank that will de-bug anyone!!! Thanks!


Hanne, you are so welcome. I think it would be rather creepy to wear, but I do like the idea.


Oh, isn't this funny?? Thanks so very much Grandma!!


Pat, glad you took the time to enjoy this beastly beauty.


He looks much better after I see him up close--more of an example of delicate artistic craftsmanship and less of a creepy-crawler! I do like it a lot now!


I really like bug brooches, so this one did double duty for me today! You are welcome!


He's rather cute, Thanks Grandmapegs.