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Back on the track!!

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Cheryl, isn't it interesting how many ways it's possible to interpret a picture?? It reminds me of once I saw the same movie clip with different kind of music with it. It was SO fabulous how much the impression changed with the sound of the music!! Thanks so very much.

I see, what you mean, Ann, but I'm sorry, until now there hasn't been any!! Thanks so very much!!


I may be totally wrong but I believe I see another figure on the mountain top, behind the dominant one, almost hidden by leaves................


Oh, thanks, Bent and Hanne! This doesn't look like a scarlet sky to me. I think Mother Nature is displaying her magic for all to enjoy. And that mountain??? Hmmm...


Yes, it's interesting what Robbie suggests!! Thanks so very much Jan!!

Indeed they have a long way and things may happen!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!

Noooo, who knows?? Only time will show!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!!

Poor Mimi, in some days you will know exactly what happens!! Thanks so very much!!


Well, here I am, still confused - so many great options, can't wait for tomorrow's episode of this wonderful drama!


I'm so glad they are back on the right track. Now they can make their way to the top of the mountain. But who knows what lies ahead. We shall have to wait and see. Thanks Hanne and Bent.


It seems like our little warriors still have a long way to go before they reach the godess, even though they are walking through a beautiful and sunny landscape right now, what dangers will they encounter in the dark forest ahead of them?

I'm looking forward to more adventures Hanne and Bent. :))


Oh dear! I can see Robbie's story, too. Which will it be - goddess or Court Jester! Just have to wait, I guess! :D


Never believe in something before it has proved to be right!! You have your absolute right to suggest what you do, for imagine if it was what we had in mind!! IS the Goddess a Goddess, what are they going to have there, what will happen if anything at all??? Why are the sky scarlet?? Those are all good questions, Robbie, and I like your putting them!! Thanks so very much for your way of being!!!


Well you know me by now Hanne, I would never deviate from the norm.......but I am not so sure about being on the RIGHT track! The figure on the mountain looks like a court jester with a black cape on! Looks like the pointed curly thingie from his cap hanging on the right of his head! Unicorn looks uncertain as does the leading Goldy boy. The rear Goldy boy has his arms out like he is saying...."What gives??!!" Then you have that scarlet sky. When I see that I think of the song......."Once under a scarlet sky I told you never ending lies, but they were the words of a drunken vagabond, who knew very well he would break your heart before long, oh forgive me Genevieve!!"
What does this mean in your story? I don't know, I'm just waiting to see what you and Bent have cooked up for us!! Thanks Hanne.


Exactly, we still are NOT there!! Thanks so very much Lela!!


Slowly does it...........Hee-Hee!......


It's above the Goddess, she decides!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!

You know it is the Goddess don't you?? Thanks so very much Sandy!!


I see something on that mountain top waiting for them. Thanks Hanne.


OK for now. But look at that sky! Wow. Was it really that lovely? Thanks, Hanne and Bent. So much fun.