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Tai loved heights

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He came with the house I bought when I moved to Bellingham, WA after I retired. He quickly worked his way into my heart, and when I moved back to Seattle, he came with me.
He was always an outdoor hunter in Bellingham so I couldn't keep him inside here. Unfortunately, I now live on a busier street and one day a car got him. I miss him still, even though I now have Tux and Bean. Tai was a very special boy.


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Wow! That's high! I had a cat called Millie who used to like to get on the top of wardrobes. She was on my daughter's wardrobe one day and wouldn't come down. There was a Tigger toy up there too - the sort with a battery that sings. My daughter tried to get Millie down but she just spat at her, so she grabbed the Tigger and it began to sing..."The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things..." etc. It finished off with a loud "Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!" and poor Millie was so shocked she jumped right off the wardrobe!


The kitchen above has 9 foot ceilings, so Tai was pretty high up. Sometimes I wondered how he even got up there... probably the same with your climber, Rebecca! I guess the view is much better than always looking at people's shins and ankles!
And yes, PamCal and Ank, we miss them all when they are gone, and some never really leave us.


Years ago, we came back from dinner - no cat anywhere. Spent about 30 minutes looking for her. Finally thought to look UP - she'd been watching us the whole time, from the top of the nice warm refridgerator. Silly kitty!


Oh I agree with PamCal, it's true. You miss them all. Nice pic Trudy.

It sounds like you were both very lucky to have each other, No matter how many pets we have, we always still miss those that are gone. Thank you for the puzzles.