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Friends came to visit and washed the dog

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Hi ppm, great picture but Cairo looks a little miffed to me. I enjoyed reading up on your Royal Dog of Egypt. A fascinating history and now I understand his name. Thanks.


Those dogs don't Sphinx they smell just right. All of the Greyhounds I know have a little problem with their breath.

Hey--I got it right. Such elegant dogs!


TE, Cairo is a saluki.

Too funny--we had a Dachshund that found abandoned duck eggs--you guessed it! He rolled in them! ICK!

It's hard for me to tell-what kind of dog is it? (Saluki? Or maybe a wet Collie?)


Thanks, all!

Hanne, Cairo endured it with good grace. Since most of his life before I got him was spent as a show dog, he is accustomed to being grroomed, washed, and fussed over. But you're right - - now he will want to find some doggie "perfume", so I have to be careful to isolate him from the horse's efforts at improving "soil fertility. . ."


Great friends! Great dog! Lucky you! :))


You liked it, they liked it but did Cairo?? Now he's got to find something to make him smell good again!! Bad luck!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


Oh, PPM, if they come again and want to bathe a dog, send them my way...I have 5...ranging in sizes from 20lbs to 150lbs...lots of dog to wash....and if they're so a mind, I have 7 horses they can also have a hand at........LOL

Oh, good...I guess you have invisible steel toed boots, right?

It certainly looked like a nice sunny day--hope Cairo apprecited the effort! (I used to have a Poodle that LOVED herself after a bath! Of course, she only weighed 3 pounds--so bathing was pretty simple!)

Enjoy your day, Ppossum!


PS: My toes are impervious to that kind of injury. Tsk. . . .


Welll, Cairo (the dog) didn't exactly smell like a rose, but I didn't think his canine aroma was all that bad. . . .

Now, I don't want to step on your toes--but did they make any comments about Fido's odor??? Just asking! (wink, wink)--beautiful dog, BTW! And really--it is so nice to have such close friends that you all feel comfortable enough to ptich in!!! Hope none of you got TOO hot!!! :D


Patrick loves animals, so I was not surprised when he wanted to brush the dog, but I was caught completely off guard when he said he wanted to give the dog a bath! He and his mother, Monique, had lots of fun doing the job while I held the leash! Yes, these are great friends to have, and I treasure them.

Just like Tom Sayer, you convinced your friends they were lucky to get the chance to wash the dog!


Wonderful friends and a sweet dog.

What great friends to have! lol!