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100 years of car production will be celebrated on 28 March in Oxford.

Where today the MINI is produced, the classic Mini - one of the most important models built in Oxford over the years since 1913 - was also born. To celebrate, five Oxford-built MINIs are embarking on a tour that will take them to eight former classic Mini production locations the length and breadth of Europe.

MINI fans can follow the progress of the tour on the specially launched website The tour of former production locations covers more than 10,500 kilometres (over 6,500 miles) and includes stops in Novo Mesto (Slovenia), the Italian city of Milan, the former production plant in Malta, the Portuguese town of Vendas Novas, Pamplona in Spain, Seneffe in Belgium, Amersfoort in Holland and the Irish capital Dublin. Only three of these eight locations are still home to car production today. But all of them count the classic Mini as an important part of their local industrial history.

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My thoughts exactly whatnauts - about the stretch-mini!! It's nice to see you celebrating each day, thanks :~))

Wow - Rosie, that was a big vehicle you drove!! Although some of our cars also seem to be getting bigger these days, despite the economy!! When I was younger the Mini was the cheapest car that could be bought... I remember a time when it cost less than £1000!! And that seemed like an impossible fortune to me - about a year's salary!! It's good to know you are enjoying these puzzles, thanks :~))

Thanks Pat, I'm glad you enjoyed this one... I'm certain you are used to driving much larger vehicles!!


Great puzzle thanks Mandy


Minis are European and I had never seen one until five years ago in Md. One of my coworkers hubbys bought a new red one and she drove it to work one night and took all of us on rides thruout the night. Being all Americans who drove American cans and trucks (I had an f150 Ford truck with the extended cab and a long bed with a camper shell on it.) we were all intrigued. That mini fit it the bed of my truck with room left over. It was really cute and practical and we all decided we liked them--just not the price. They are expensive over here. Thanks for another wonderful "Who Knew" puzzle. Rosie


Hmm, doesn't the stretch-mini kind of defeat the purpose?? LOL Although it is very cute. Thanks very much for this series. It's interesting and informative to see what we should be celebrating each day.


I believe you PJ... your comment just conjured up an image in my mind of a very muscular person using minis for their weight lifting competition!! I have heard of other people picking up minis to park them!!


Mandy - believe me, I've always been far from Amazonian - but the Mini was light :-)))


Magda - I always wanted a mini, but never managed to get one, I remember going from the South Coast all the way up to Leeds in the back of one when I was a teenager, 4 of us went on holiday for 2 weeks and we got everything in and did lots of motorway miles without mishap... they were wonderful days :~))

Thanks Ardy - I loved the sand sculptures too!!

Thanks Barb - so pleased you enjoy these puzzles :~))

LOL Shazzaannie, I think I said almost exactly the same in an earlier comment!!

I remember a guy I used to work for was very tall and he used to have to fold himself into a mini too!! Sorry you didn't get to ride in them Edie, that must have been hard for you!

Godness PJ - I never imagined you as an Amazonian strong woman... but then again I've never tried to lift a mini, or other car come to that!!!

Yes, Fran I think it is one of the few very iconic cars around :~))


The Mini has always been a cool car. Mandy, thanks for the info.


Mandy - GREAT collection of wonderful and fun images, thanks for the info. Back in the 80-ies I had a Mini, and it was so convenient - once I parked it askew, I quite simply lifted it into a proper place along the sidewalk. Other small cars I've had - have been impossible to lift at all :-)))


Had a boyfriend years ago who drove a mini. It was funny to watch him fold his 6'6' frame into it. I couldn't ride in it because it was too low to the ground and I always got sick. Perfect city car but I wouldn't trust them on the highway. Thanks for another lesson learned Mandy.

My Dad had a 1960s Mini in the early 70s. It was a great car we went everywhere in it and it was amazing how much stuff you could get in them. Four of us used to fit in and all the stuff needed fo a two week holiday. Ahhhh those were the days.


Fabulous images, Mandy! And thanks again for doing these Who Knew puzzles on a daily basis. It's always a must solve for me. :-)


Mandy what an interesting trip that will be. The sand sculptures are wonderful. I love the one with the kitten getting out of the model car. Thanks for the fun puzzle and the great information. Well done.


No comment, have to go to facebook quickly to let everyone know, that I am the greatest!! LOL
That is a very interesting day today. I remember in London my husband wanted to buy a Mini, but then we left, and did not have a car for a long time.