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TILE 1303 (smaller version available . . . see notes below main puzzle)

81 pieces
134 solves
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A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on . . .

These kaleidos are created by me using images which are freely available on several internet sites. After I have manipulated a section of the image I add texture, depth and colour changes. The software used is predominantly CorelDraw but I do use several other programmes including Kaleider and Liquib.

I hope you have as much fun solving these puzzles as I had creating them . . . :D)


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Thank you Ardy . . . sorry I've not been back to you sooner, I've just been a bit busy with one thing and another . . . :D)
I have to admit to having done quilting in the past but not for many years now so the only work that was done on the original 2D pattern was all down to Corel . . . lol. I became interested in all things needlework from a very young age and over the years have spent many hours working with needle and thread . . . I have never been able to master the art of knitting though. Strange when you consider that I come from a family of ardent and very capable knitters . . . :D)

Yes . . . the Met office did give out the advice to build snowmen. It started out as a joke but then someone realised that it did actually make some sense . . . lol. The snow here disappeared very quickly thanks to a sudden rise in temperature and a deluge of rain. Fortunately it gave us no problem re flooding with living on a hill, although we did have some standing water in the back garden as it has a bit of a dip in it. Talking of the grandkids Dom, the youngest had been doing something at school about global warming the other year and begged me never to sell my house as he would have to come and live with us when the sea rose . . . lol

BTW the 1500 folder is bursting at the seams . . . I'm going to have to thin it out about.


Good evening, Su. This is my favorite tonight but they are all really great. 1302 looks like it was quilted. Is that one of your talents? It's lovely. 1301 looks like snowmen with purple hats and eyes. There are gold eye masks along side as well. Maybe getting ready for the snowman's ball?1300 - Did you think I would in any way not notice this number? Golf balls on a pretty green for an impressive number of tiles? Thanks for all of these. Are you keeping a folder of your favorites for the 1500 celebration?

Has it stopped snowing there yet? We woke to freezing rain and slippery roads. Both the government and the local public schools opened two hours late. It has warmed up during the day and is supposed to get warmer over the next two days. We may have some thunder storms. Then it's to get colder for the weekend. I read on one link on someone's puzzle that the UK is suggesting people build snowmen to help delay flooding since packed snow melts more slowly than loose snow. Maybe the grandkids need to come built you a few.

I know it's night time for you even if it isn't quite bedtime but I shall wish you a good sleep and send these to help. (((HUGS)))