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"Where is this?" - Is it close to you, Katwoody?

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A high powered woman, Kathy. I'm impressed. As long as it is not for too long you can enjoy a stress-free period. Yes, keep me posted. Good to hear from you, as usual.


Nice, you've responded with a book! My professional field is global logistics and supply chain. Very heavy in transportation management, contracting with transport providers for global services. I've mostly worked in high-tech manufacturing, so a lot of air freight. Also some experience in retail, where ocean freight is predominant. I also bring the experience with the customs compliance - great experience albeit specialized.

Thanks for the encouraging reminders! I'll keep you posted. :-)


Wow! You've written a book - not a comment!! lol. I love hearing from people so write on.......

It sounds as if you are in abit of a low after the real highs of the wedding. You know things will get better and it can happen very quickly. My motto has always been that "the lows make the highs feel much better"! It is just as well that you have Jigidi friends.

You said, in a previous comment, that planning was a bit problematic (to say the least!!). That is a massive distance when you consider that the UK, from top to bottom, is only about 450mls!

I bet you really, really hate Caroline for getting a job so easily!!lol

You are a late bird, Kathy. I don' do Jigidi too late as it seems to stimulate what grey matter I still have and it stops me from dozing off. Whatever suits! I don't think that the comment times are over-accurate anyway.

You might have already told me but what do you consult on?

Don't be afraid to write long tomes to me. I worry that some of my messages to people get that way.

It will happen soon!


Hi John! I think I?m beginning to recover ? though not quickly because it?s such a busy time of year. Add to that the ongoing personal carousel and I may never settle down! I have yet to get a confirmation on that consulting assignment! I continue to pursue new opportunities, but companies are so slow to make decisions!

Two things I had written in that long post that got lost: One was about not giving advance notice of the wedding. That?s a neat story in fact. Caroline and Robin have been engaged for two years, and it?s been a real challenge for them to plan a ceremony. Living out here, we are 1300 miles away from family and closest friends, and with busy work and school schedules the ?perfect? time remained elusive. Plus my situation added some uncertainty to the mix. Well, Caroline graduates from college in a couple of weeks and landed a job to start immediately after graduation. That brought into focus the advantages of getting married before the job started (tax rate, insurance, etc.), so they hastily scheduled the ceremony! I was the only family there; later I?ll take care of announcements and so forth. Whew!

The other point I made relates to my ?late night? posts! That is so funny, because I am definitely a night owl ? but ? I?m also in the US mountain time zone, which is 8 hours behind you, so those posts weren?t as late as you think. I don?t think I ever post comments after about 11pm even though I?m rarely asleep before midnight (even 1am these days). ?

Enough of this long post! I?m enjoying your puzzles and conversation as always!


Thanks for doing that, NUMBER 57!LOL


The dam at Lake Powell in Utah is called the Glen Canyon Dam. Glen Canyon now lies under the lake waters. Finally took the time to look this up!


I thought that the layering of the soil looked a bit like those formations near you. Have you "come down" after your daughter's wedding? Sounds as if you should visit soon, Kathy! Nice to hear from you.


I was going to suggest Utah... Utah is the next state west of Colorado, about 500 miles from me. One of the states I have not visited yet! Since moving west, I have learned that Utah has many uniquely beautiful geological formations. There are quite a few national parks there. I believe it is one of the US' best kept secrets!


Thanks for that Beth.


Glen Canyon, UT -


Nana, thanks for your comment. You've changed my sex - Parrot - MAN not MOM!! That gave me a good laugh!! :-)))


Thanks for that, 54. I will be interesting to see if anyone else can confirm that. Thanks again


Beautiful! Thanks parrotmom!


Lake Powell, in least that's what I think I'm looking at!