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House with wonderful roses, Kalmar, Sweden, by claeskrantz (pic cropped)

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Hi Kari, you know I enjoy all your puzzles. I don't always leave a message as I bookmark a lot and it might be quite a few days before I do yours. Thank you...Sue

Hi Sue! Where I live we have pretty much the same kind of climate as you have in England (I'm comparing to London) - perhaps slightly colder winters. The further north you go it's obviously colder (Sweden is a very "tall/long" country). I'm glad you liked this one Sue - thanks! :-))


I like this house Kari and I do like climbing roses. I must admit I thought it would be too cold in Sweden to grow roses, how wrong I was. Thanks mate...Sue

Hi 48! Yes it is small - it's a typical old village/town house with very low ceilings as well, probably built in the 1800s or possibly earlier. It would be big enough for me though.... :-)))


a neat and tidy smallish looking home Kari - probably larger on the inside than I am thinking, especially with the basement though! Thanks!

I usually don't like green houses, but agree with you that it's a rather pretty shade on this house. (The house I had before was green strangely enough.... LOL)


Very pretty shade of green, very soft. Bet it smells a bit like heaven walking by all those roses. Thanks again Kari!!! :))))
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