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Happy New Year!!

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This is mini rose "Tiddley Winks", blooming now, shown at two different times today.


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Hello Patti, I'm so glad you like it. Consider it my little gift for you at this awful time.
Take care, my Friend..................


Oooh, these are so beautiful! Thank you, Ann!


Sissel & Ank, So happy you like them & A Happy New Year to you, too.
Sis, I WILL keep on practising. My biggest problem now is knowing a good subject when I see one........


These are beautiful - thanks Ann - just go on practise ;-)


happy new year


Mimi, I saw it & left a comment. I have only one~~the white with a tinge of pink. I simply MUST make a camellia bed under the Oaks. There are so many beautiful colors & combos. Thanks for sharing..............

Adriana, thanks and I'll be here, hopefully. :-} ................

Jacques what a lovely wish! Thank you so much & I can only echo it for you, too...............

Pat, thank you! A Happy New Year for you also..............


Happy New Year Ann Hope you have a great year.


Happy New Year, may all your dreams come true in 2013!


I no Ann you wish the sameand i say thanks for that.
Hope we meet again next year.hug x


Ann, I put a picture of the camellia on just now. Audrey's bush is covered with them but we've had several days of hard rain so they are not their lovely best. This one looks OK though.


Treker, I think about your fabulous garden in Idaho & wonder why I, here in Fla., can't have one that lovely. Then you talk about shoveling snow & I think,"Never mind. At least I don't have THAT. 'Vive la difference', huh?" Thanks, my friend, and a wonderful New Year...........

Elfie,thank you so much. From what I gather from watching your weather you have gone from snow to rain, but still cold. I think of those beautiful fields of violets, orchids, etc. that you will have & I won't because of all that precipitation~~ I can only have little patches or pots of them. Thanks, Sweetie..........

Ank, what an exceptionally nice comment you have left for me. What you have said is so very true & we are all so fortunate having so many new friends. I thank you, too, for your friendship and wish wonderful things for you in the new year.............

Adriana, a compliment from you about my photograph is a valuable thing to me. You have become such an exceptional photog. in every way since I first 'met' you. Your photos & the subjects you have found & used are excellent. Thank you so much for your good wishes and you know I wish the same to you...........

Ah, Mimi, my friend. Thank you for the compliment. I hope the camellias are still in bloom. I only have one & it has a few stunted buds left after our freezes we had. But I did photo one of the blossoms when it first got started and enjoyed them while I could. Looking forward to the pics if you can get them...........


Ann, this is lovely. Tomorrow I'll try to get a picture of my neighbor's beautiful camellias if our heavy rains have not ruined them. Thanks for this!


Wonderful photo of this mini rose "Tiddley Winks" thanks en
I wish you all the best in the coming year.


If we go to a new year with such beautiful roses it must become a wonderful year. This past year was beautiful, I did discover Jigidi, and now I have a lot of new friends, I never thought that virtual friendship can be so lovely. Thanks Ann for becoming my friend. I hope you will have a great, happy and healthy New Year.


Wow, Ann, it is a wonder!! - and SO true what treker writes!! Incredible really that you can look at this today!! Thanks so very much!!


Hard to believe there is so much difference in our climates. I shoveled snow today and then come in this evening to see these beautiful blooms from your house.
Happy New Year to you, as well Ann!


Hello, Robbie. Thanks for the compliments. Wishing you, Jenny, your folks, & all your loved ones a wonderful year. Yeah, it has been a lot of fun this year, huh? :-) ...............


Hi AJ, lovely rose and two great shots. A very Happy New Year to you also, thanks for the fun.