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Cat Stevens' first walk in the snow...

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Those are great prints, JJ! My Tasha isn't going out much atm either - lots of rain and high winds here.


Hahaha , great name for your kitty Janet, we have a back porch that's not heated but has sliding windows . in the summer the door is open and I'll slide open the windows , they have screens on them, they like to sniff the air and watch the squirrels and birds, in the winter I'd open it, they would run out and come back in a minute, they're inside kitties. Thanks for the cute picture of the little paws.


No not really... He couldn't stand to have a paw in snow up until today... He didn't like it one bit... But I think he is so bored being stuck indoors so much this winter....even too cold to be out for very long on the screened in porch.. that he just realized...if he is going to get any outdoor time this winter he had better get used to snow under his paws.....So he finally got brave enough and found it wasn't so bad afterall...He just seemed oblvious to it was just a necessary evil that he would have to put up with... kind of like the rest of us Illinoisians.....


And was he impressed?