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Jim enjoying hushpuppies, Jekyll Island, Georgis

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I'm glad you found this puzzle and got to be a part of this exchange. This whole conversation has been so much fun. Thanks for your comment, dear Shirley!!


I'm so glad, ulanariver, asked the Question, as I being an Aussie, only know Hush-Puppies as a type of shoe too, Thank you everyone for the explanation, they sound enjoyable. Thanks Jill.


Wow! Much discussion on a yummy subject. Thanks for the mouthwatering descriptions of the hushpuppy....and the origin of its name;very interesting!Thank you, ladies, for the comments about Jim. He's a sweetheart. I think most of us have been educated in one way or another during this discussion.... and all about the hushpuppy! In this photo, we had received them, unordered, as an appetizer, much as one would be given bread as something to eat while the meal was being prepared. I would have answered individually, but, we were travelling home.


Thanks Jill & Jim. I think I'll make a few hushpuppies tomorrow!...............


Mimi, that is the story I have always heard, too, except they were made from the left-over cornmeal breading used for the fish~~and no onions. We humans, however, once we tried them ourselves, liked them, but realized they would be better with some extras, notably onion, a pinch of sugar, & sometimes a bit of tiny sweet corn niblets mixed in. Great with hot sauce, too. Poor 'puppies' lost out~~~I don't think they get them anymore! LOL ...............

Hanne, if you know what 'cornbread' is then you know hushpuppies, only with a pinch of sugar added to the batter & onions then, preferably, deep fried. Like okieclem said ~~so bad for you but so yummie.


I've heard that the origin of hushpuppies, which we in Louisiana love with any kind of seafood, is that people used to make these little treats for their dogs to keep them satisfied and quiet during meal times. Don't know if it's true, but it seems to make sense! Handsome guy you've got there Jill!


This looks interesting, I've absolutely no idea what it is except from the explanation in one of the comments!! Thanks so very much Jill!!


With that container in Jim's hand I thought he may be having a hushpuppy milkshake! You're right, they are good enough to eat and I shall look forward to eating one. Hold the grits :-)


I can see the eager anticipation on Jim's face.... And the twinkle in his eyes that says 'Tell me again, why am I posing for this '.... You sure have got yourself a good'un... Pretty durn handsome too.... :) :)


I had some hushpuppies just tonight! 'Course I didn't have Jim and Jekyll Island to enjoy them with...guess they were OK. Salt sea air improves most any kind of food! Enjoy! Thanks ;-)


Thank you. I'll have to trade my old Hush-Puppies in on these ones - they look much tastier.


Hush puppies are a southern US treat, best eaten with fried catfish or shrimp. They're little balls of corn meal batter, usually with minced onions mixed in, that are then deep fried. Some folks eat the with catchup, which you see on the small plate to the lower left. They are *so* bad for you but so yummy!


I live in Australia, and Hush-Puppies are a type of shoe. What are these?