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Ames, Iowa....

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I thought this might be the source of the Dome we saw on day one. Here is the dome if you missed it:
THis is I believe the Lutheran Church and it is pretty impressive. You go up quite a few steps to get into it-getting you closer to heaven, I guess. Tomorrow we will decide what to snack on and see something for a loved jigidi friend....before we actually find the dome and get a story.


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One problem is shrinking congregation, another is aging congregation, and another is shrinking income. These buildings are expensive to maintain, although this doesn't look as old as many of ours. Many churches around Boston are suffering similar fates. The big Methodist church in Watertown (sanctuary seating 500, meeting hall, 3 more meeting rooms on the main floor, offices above, kitchen, dining room and gymnasium below) which we hired for concerts first took out 40% of the pews, then the congregation moved in with one in a neighboring town. The church is still maintained for community services, and the sanctuary is now rented to a Korean congregation. Better than the church being converted to condos, which happened to one of the 4 churches in the 5-block contiguous area. Across the street, the Congregational Church (of similar size and function, including the gymnasium) was abandoned and sold to another congregation. Around here, the churches mostly have ground-level entrances and extensive basements.


Thanks for the info bradjan. I can see that. I knowwhereI grew up in Nebraska they were common.

Aha...Toto, through his experience and memories, gives us a clue to the steps going up and up into the church! Thanks.

I looked up the new church these folks moved to and indeed it is one floor and of course more modern looking, fodus. It fits in to what your saying.


Most of the churches in this area have a long flight of steps. Yes, there is a basement for many occasions. But now I have reached a ripe old age it is harder to go up the stairs. I try to get there earlier so that I can go at my speed. Newer ones have only one level. The sanctuary, offices, Sunday school rooms, a library, rest rooms, even an overflow room. Then the kitchen and dining rooms are generally bigger, now, too.


I grew up in the Lutheran church. I remember many of the elder members of the congregation laughing about how so many of the Lutheran churches were named Ascension Lutheran so that good church folk would rejoice in the ascension while in church. Of course, it was necessary that the same church had a basement, so that after services the good folk could troop downstairs and enjoy their post service cups of coffee.


This is a lovely old church, you see these mainly up in the northern areas.


This is where and what they moved to after selling this building...

They may have lost some of their congregation as well as a parking problem. And maybe upkeep.

I Googled: Lutheran Church Ames and found there are ten different lutheran churches in Ames.


Its a great old building, Sandy, I hope they save it and put it on a historical register or something like that. Thanks

Your right, Cathy, anyone who had grown up in this church on Sundays or more would miss it. I should say I would, anyway. Thanks for a great comment, Cathy.

I've noticed as I photograph old churches more, Floyd alot of the old city churches, especially were built like that. There is one in Charlottesville that would have anyone winded by the time you got to the doors, and maybe "seeing heaven", too.

Good question, Robyn. In the article BrightStar found, they stated there was no parking except along the street. That might be part of it. It sure sold enexpensively, in my mind. Thanks


Makes you wonder why they'd sell it Dave!! It looks in good condition.


This is (was) a beautiful church. Well constructed and maintained. Probably built higher so the lower level could be used for meetings, gatherings, lunches, etc. Nice to see Dave.


Such a beautiful old church! I hope the congregation is happy in their new building. But I can't help thinking some hearts were broken to leave this one. Wonderful tour of Ames!! Thank you Dave.


That's a grand old church Dave. Can't wait for our snack tomorrow and to see what the "something" is. Thanks for taking us along.


I see it more and more, though, Beekay. It bothers me too, though.

Good point, Dondi!! :)) Good to see you.

It would be interesting to see the old construction records, roseheather!

Thanks Laura-it makes a statement.

Your welcome Maria-thanks for taking a look.

Your welcome Patti.


Wonderful building! Thank you WD!


Thanks Dave


My, this certaibnly us a stately church, Warbler!


What a beautiful church. Built at a time when the labor would have been intensive.


Maybe it was called "Ascension" in recognition of all the steps you had to climb to get to it? And was undoubtedly built when its congregation was younger...?


I know the stained glass windows need to be protected now-a-days, but I miss being able to view their beauty from outside the building.


Thanks lyndee-its an impressive building standing in front of it.

My thoughts exactly, smllpkg! Thanks!

Well, I hope they save the structure, BrightSky. That seems like a low price for whats there.


"The former Ascension Lutheran Church building in Ames has been sold to a local businessman, according to documents filed Wednesday [September 2012] with the Story County Recorder?s Office.

"The building at 621 Kellogg Ave., and the attached parsonage, at 310 Seventh St., were purchased on contract for $250,000...."

The congregation moved to a new building. Really, I was just trying to find out how old it was.


Impressive building!


A very lovely stately church.