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My Young Nandina

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This little Nandina is still very young but is proudly showing off its brilliant red! They are such pretty shrubs. Just imagine what it will be like at maturity!


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These are wonderful tough plants. I grew them when I lived in a colder climate and they are constantly changing colour. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed mine.


Hi Plum Sugar. Thanks for coming by & leaving your sweet comment. My two larger varieties arrived today & will be planted tomorrow. Temps forecast for the low 70s so I won't mind going out knowing I won't freeze! Hawhaw! When they do get big enough for berries I sure hope the birds & anything else coming by the Wild Place will enjoy them. Tell Jenny & your Mom & Dad Hi for me............


Hi AJ, very nice shrub and puzzle. Good luck with it, looks like it will fill out quite a bit, thanks.


Hi lajuin, thanks for stopping by with some info. I am new to them, & these three are new for me. The very easy care was what cinched it for me. LOL! I already have so much to care for that I didn't need more. But, really, they are so pretty & I noted that the birds really like the berries. I have a LOT of birds year round so I hope this will be beneficial to them. I have two more of a larger variety coming in another day or two. I plan to plant them at the edge of my Wild Place, which is strictly for the wild critters---I don't go in there. Florida & Mother Nature have made it really wild & all the birds & animals love it.
The three little ones I already have are mainly for decorative purposes. And they sure do decorate! I'm really pleased with them & I'm so glad I got them. Thanks again for the comment...............


I have several Nandinas of a taller variety. They have delicate white flowers in the Spring that turn into red berries in the fall and stay all Winter. Some are more than 25 years old and very easy care. WE often get new starts which I have given away.


Thanks Adriana & Mimi. Mine are growing daily & already starting to change color. I will show them at each season when they reach full color. I just wish my camera would do justice to their color; same with the nasturtium---it is REALLY orange!............


Nice plant --Nice color


It's so lovely Ann, thanks!


For those of you who don't know this plant: It does not need pruning unless you want to. There are several varieties ranging from dwarf (about 2 1/2') on up to 8'. They grow in a lovely freeform but stay 'in bounds', so I've been told. This is a dwarf, only about 8" right now, & I have three of them. The color is coppery-red in Spring, turning to blue-green & some yellow in summer, then darker green, then in Autumn a purply-red with bright red berries, and back to bright red in Winter. I just love 'em! I may get some full sized varieties to put along the edge of my 'Wild Place'. The berries are said to be prized by birds & other critters.
Thanks folks, for your interest & comments...............


A beauty Ann. I don't know it.


Gorgeous, Ann, simply gorgeous!! Thanks so very much, dear!!


Beautiful thanks Ann