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Thank you for all your beautiful, fun, and clever puzzles. But mostly – thank you for taking the time every year to extend your focus to us in this warm manner.

We look forward to it every year!

Several of you ask, rhetorically, if Magnus in any way foresaw this degree of connectivity and communal feel that has arisen on Jigidi. And the answer is no (way). But we learned along the way while watching and caring for Jigidi.

It’s social medicine, and we’re all doctors here – hardwired to practice. And it arose because it could ♥

The positive and supportive sociability on Jigidi helps boost both our cognitive skills (which we’re already exercising via the puzzles), our immune system, and mental health. The experience of all these bonuses is that we feel happier, healthier, safer, and more content.

We’ve written a bit more on this subject on Jigidi Post, our new local paper.
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Fun puzzle to piece - thank you!
My time ~ 14:23


I would love to know who the faces on the globe were, are some of them jigidier's?


Thanks for mentioning Jigidi Post/the blog. I had no idea it existed! I'm now going to catch up on the puzzles/blogs - looks interesting and fun! ☀️☺︎☀️

Jigidi staff

Hi @sparklightie - thank you so much for your kind words and interest in Jigidi Post!

You can follow our blog by following @Jigidi Post. A new puzzle from Jigidi Post equals a new read on the blog :-)


This puzzle was Phenomenal - thx for such a treat ☺☺☺☺☺


DEAR @Jigidi - THANK YOU and I Thank You so much for all your hard work that goes into making Jigidi such a rip roaring success - in so many countries world wide. Jigidi is a way of life for all of us connecting friends and strangers who become friends and keeping our minds busy and healthy. Can we follow jigidi post? Many hugs and much love from @brightspark @sparklightie ♥♥♥


I'm glad to be a Jigidi-er, that's why I love to celebrate the Jigidi team. ♥♥♥


You are most welcome! It's always a pleasure to celebrate Jigidi. ☺︎♥︎


You are very welcome! Jigidi is so delightful. Many thank you smiles!☺


We are most delighted! You are very much welcome Jigidi Team!


I'm grateful to Jigidi and Jigidiers every day ♥️

Jigidi staff

@brightspark @Capnjack @Dilubreuer @gogogo @grandmapegs @irisriver @Mazy @puzzeljac @ringleader @sparklightie @sue1

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