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TILE 1259 (smaller version available . . . see notes below main puzzle)

81 pieces
87 solves
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A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on . . .

These kaleidos are created by me using images which are freely available on several internet sites. After I have manipulated a section of the image I add texture, depth and colour changes. The software used is predominantly CorelDraw but I do use several other programmes including Kaleider and Liquib.
I hope you have as much fun solving these puzzles as I had creating them . . . :D)


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We did have a good time at rehearsal last night. I had one piece we could work on. They had never worked with melody chimes before. Our order sent in Sept. just came in January. We used them last night and experimented with different ways to use them in the piece. Now I need to find more music for a smaller group. Thanks for your caring and the hugs. They always help. Night night. Some extras - (((HUGS)))


Thank you Ardy . . . :D)

That fall gave me the opportunity to post earlier as it gave me some breathing space on that 4/24 rule . . . :D)
Sorry to hear that one of your adult group members has decided to leave. I fully understand that this would cause all sorts of problems with music choices etc but I am sure you will get it sorted so don't worry. You never know you may find there is someone out there who has been itching to have a chance to join your group. By the time you read this the rehearsal will be over, I hope all went well and that you are feeling a lot happier with things now . . . (((HUGS)))

Take care . . . :D)


Good evening, Su. These are all great tonight. My favorite is 1258 - all those beautiful blue and pink little flowers are so lovely. The pink and blue lined laughing faces in 1257 were lots of fun and reminded me somehow of peppermint candies. Maybe it's just that it's been so long since I've seen anything like that I don't remember what they really look like. LOL It's too bad that it is too soon to have a folder for next Christmas because 1256 is the perfect candidate with the string of colored lights. Thanks, my friend, for these delights. I'm also delighted with your posting time for the tiles. I can leisurely have fun with these on Wednesday before rehearsal and have them waiting when I get back on Tuesday from rehearsal. I've got the best of both worlds - thanks to you.

Speaking of rehearsals - I suppose I'll get these kids whipped into shape by April but I sometimes wish I could apply some psychology to the seat of certain pants. Just enough to get their minds focusing on anything except creating a disturbance. One in particular is going to have a sit down chat with me and the assistant principal before the next rehearsal. Then last night I got an email from one of the adults informing me she would not be coming back for the adult group. Our first rehearsal is tonight and I had all the music planned with her there. I've been depressed all day trying to figure out what to do now. I have a couple of things to work on but am going to have to change plans on some others that I really wanted to do. I don't know why she dropped out. Oh well, the joys of being a director. I still prefer it to ringing.

Thanks for listening to me unload here. Sorry. Didn't mean to bother you but it's good to talk with you. May you have a good night. I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for the hugs. They always help so much. Sending some others to you for a good night. (((HUGS)))