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My granddaughter....

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... who was ready to go to church and.... :D


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She's a little beauty. I have one grandson, almost 5, 3000 miles away now. Sad to be so far and missing out on the best years but lucky enough to stay in touch a few times a wk and see a couple times a year. Never enough for me. Enjoy all you grannies lucky enough to be close to your grandbabies.


hi linda hope you keeping well xxx hugs and hearts to you ♥♥♥


Hello! So nice of you to drop by. I am so glad that you are getting photos. In a way it is heartbreaking to get them and not be able to actually be in the little one's presence. But aren't we so blessed to live in a time when we can see them? I am so happy to have friends here. During the winter I am basically completely house-bound and I live in the country and everyone is so busy these days that just having a neighbor drop in to visit doesn't seem to happen any more. So being here and following folks is a great blessing to me. How are you doing? I also wish you a Happy Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and love and all the things that you hope for. (((((Gentle Hugs)))))


hello xxxx how are you doing ???? ♥♥Merry xmas and god bless xxxxx


your family is growning dear linda - how marvellous xxxx our kids are great sending us photos nearly every day - wonderful to see him growing xx so long to hold and hugs him to bits xxx lol and hugs


I feel that I have many friends here and though I can't always share things that I would if I was sitting down with them face to face, I love to learn about them and sharing as many positive things as I can. My son and daughter-in-law with their 2 children live in Maine where they are going to school which is a long way from here! They do plan to come back to Wisconsin when they have graduated. I just found out that my middle son and his wife are expecting also so I am thrilled for them and for me. :D Thanks for stopping by. :)


Thanks for sharing your life with us. Your granddaughter's outfit is perfect! What a lovely little lady!


I know, just not the same as hugging them to bits and pieces xxxx lol


Yes we are! :^) Although we won't be able to see them as often as we would like, at least their are ways to see them online. :^/ :^)


S T U N N I N G - and hearty congratulations xxxxxxxxxxxxx lovely news - so we both waiting for new grandchildren xxx lol


I have 4 grandchildren and one on the way. My son got married yesterday to the most wonderful young woman. Afterwards, they had pictures and one set was with them and the two sets of parents. Because of the silly laws regarding marriage in Wisconsin, USA where we live, they had gotten married in front of the justice of the peace about 6 weeks ago in Ohio, where they are finishing up their schooling, when my oldest daughter and her spouse went down for her bachelorette party. Only we 4 parent knew that. So while we were getting pictures, they told us that they are expecting their first child in May. It is the first grandchild for her parents and her mother was so stunned (happily) that she couldn't speak for several minutes. Wow! Talk about a wonderful wedding present!


nice to chat xxxx our kids and grandsons love to go ziplining and quadbiking even the 8 year old !!!!


Thank you brightspark (I love your avatar names, by the way). She was 4 years old when this was taken and just as excited about the outdoors as she is now. She is 6 years old now. My son and his family are always going fishing or white water rapids canoeing. They all love actually doing instead of just watching on tv and I am glad that they are setting such a great example for their children. Thank you for stopping in for a visit. :)


she is too adorable ....... - our youngest daughter and soninlaw are overseas and they expecting their first baby in october - so sad to be so far away !!!!!!!!!!! Our eldest daughter and soninlaw and two gorgeous grandsonsof 8 and 10live 10 minutes away from us xxx


You are so right! And, thank you for the compliment. In my unbiased oppinion she is such a sweetheart. She, her brother, my lovely daughter-in-law and my son live in Maine now, a long way from WI and so I rarely get to see them any more. :(

Just always need to be ready for the unexpected in plans when they are in that age group.
Your granddaughter is a darling!