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The Statue of Liberty

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Liberty with her torch topped with a glass-paned flame


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Kate, I've been wondering how you're doing...keep remembering you had a hospital stay this last year. Each time I've experienced such a stay, it's taken me awhile to get back to normal.

The "Liberty" puzzles I've been posting started with her construction and the last ones I'll post show some of the damage done by "Superstorm Sandy." She's still closed to the public because of that and money will have to be raised to make the repairs. Right now, I'll be showing her surrounded by scaffolding as they did such an amazing restoration on her in the 1980s. Her symbolism is very powerful and if she could, I think she'd shed a tear or two over the division in the country.

Take care of yourself!



I'll always remember the first time I saw her.
The symbol of America.
It's sad that we can't listen to each other and respect one another enough, so that all together, we could give more reality to the symbol.
But she'll always be our goal. Liberty and Justice for All. Thanks