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I'm glad, Jan, because you did make me laugh.

So, whatnauts, Pat is worse than you? Hmmm, I hadn't realized that. I never heard her complain so that's probably why I haven't gotten on her case. LOL

chilisand, it is a lovely twirl and thank you for recognizing that it's a twirl rather than a swirl. ;-)


Lovely twirl, thank you


Wendy - Well, I may have mentioned this before, but I have come to find that some people have backlogs MUCH worse than mine. But I won't be mentioning any names - right PD ?????

And speaking of backlogs, mine is going to get temporarily worse next week. I just found out my sister is coming for a visit, so I'll be losing some puzzling time, and you won't be seeing my pink furry face as much.

puzzlejan - my pleasure :)


Only happy to inspire laughter! I had but a couple of minutes - and wanted to answer. Reading my comment over today - well, I was in a hurry.

whatnauts - thank you for putting me on alert for the "backlog-monster" some weeks ago.


Jan...I'm laughing at "0 seconds ago." That was posted 12 hours ago according to my time. The size of the screen makes a HUGE difference in people's solving times. When I solved puzzles and 'graduated' to a larger screen (19 1/2"), my times increased dramatically. But you're right in that only being able to solve the smaller puzzles means that you don't have a huge backlog of puzzles that you may or may not solve in the future. Ask whatnauts what I'm talking about. ;-)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, whatnauts. :-)


This is wonderful Wendy. Thanks very much.


0 seconds ago

Oh, Wendy! Commenting size : if I could afford a large screen computer - I would do large puzzles. Since I have a small screen - I enjoy the small and medium ones. The back-up log does not get to big either. Once in a while - it is wonderful to manage a tempting puzzle in the hundreds. You have many tempting ones!


The problem for me is that I'd rather stagger them, but I'm so tired after I post the first batch that I don't feel like waiting an hour or two to post the second batch. I wish to heavens that we could post them at any time of the day.


I lost 4 slots yesterday, and will lose 4 slots today by doing that--I want to catch them all back up to around 10:00 AM. I guess I could just keep them as half in the morning and half in the afternoon, but I like posting them all at once as soon as I can, so that I know they're up, no matter what else happens during the day...


Jan, it's good to expand your horizons now and then. Just think, if you can develop a taste for sizes that you weren't interested in previously, you'll find that you have a lot more puzzles to pick from. ;-)

Pat, thanks so much...and I sent you an email. I was offline after I posted puzzles so I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm finding it harder and harder to pick a time to post my puzzles. You did the smart thing though, in staggering yours.

Thank you very much, Mandy. :-)


This is a lovely Twirl, Wendy, thanks.


This is drop-dead gorgeous!!! I know I'll love solving it--I love seeing it!

I'm mostly bookmarking now--had 2 doctors this morning, then shopping, then phone calls, and I can't concentrate! I posted on only 1 profile, so I can go back to early posting tomorrow on the other, and not be stuck with 1:30 on both...


Wonderful swirl - (just had to solve it, despite the size)