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Georgia and Richards in Vancouver

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The bull statue was created by Joe Fafard and installed in 2000.


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Hi Fodus! There are no livestock yards in this area. I can only show you what he looks like and tell you where he is. I really don't know "why" he is there. Sorry.


I was also wondering if it near a livestock pavilion or livestock yard? Or is like wall street?


Hi Jacques. I wouldn't say that.

Hi Suzy. You can see the Harbour Centre building in the distance. The round part at the top is a revolving restaurant. It takes one hour to go slowly around. The other level is just an observation deck.

Hi fodus. It is on the corner of Georgia Street and Richards Street in Vancouver, Canada. If you type that into Google Maps and then click on street view you can see this statue.


So, where is it standing?


Looked quite real to me, as well!


he looks a like Robbie!


Hi Carol. Yes, he is rather uncomfortably realistic!!!

Hi Jim. Your note made me laugh!!! I really don't know why they put these realistic and somewhat scary statues at ground level !! They just startle people ! But then I guess they also provide some great photo ops.

Hi Faye. You have a brave little protector!!

Hi Lorna. Yes, lots of double takes .. and then the cameras come out!

Hi Ank. Yes, he is looking right at us! But he seems calm. Maybe he's just lost. He belongs in Missouri next door to JC.


Wow, I always thought that you had to go to Spain for a bull-fight. Cathy he is looking at me.....


Very realistic looking - am I seeing things or has it even got eyelashes?! I bet people do more than a double take when they see it for the first time and they didn't know it is there!


Hee hee...we were stopped at a red light here when our little dog (pictured in my avatar) decided that she had better scare that thing away from HER car...a royal sounding off!


At first glance, I thought it WAS real, Cathy! I expected to see something in the news later today like: Local sweet lady wrestles and holds bull until authorities arrive. The bull is expected to survive. Local sweet lady continued shopping unfazed by it all. She was quoted as saying, "When you have chased as many bears away as I have, a bull is nothing!"


Pretty realistic fellow!